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IRB Procedures and Tutorials

Policy Information
RI_101 – Research Compliance Policy
RI_201 –Human Subjects Protection: (IRB)
RI-211 – Faculty Use of Student Data in Research Procedures for use
RI_707 – Minors in Lab Mentorship procedures. Minors In Lab Release Form Georgia Southern policy on the presence of minors in a lab.
RI -401 – Financial Conflict of Interest Potential conflict of interest in IRB report form   Potential conflicts will not affect approval.  Unreported conflicts may result in suspension.
Human Subject Incentive Payment Policy and Procedure – FS-AP-1304-01 This is a Finance and Operations Policy.  Incentives control log can be found on the finance page under other forms.
Data Stewardship and Classification Standard IT policy –  Class I – Confidential; Class II – Sensitive  with protection defined
Security Standards for Information Systems – IT-3610-00 IT policy –  data security requirements
Data – Incident Response Policy IT policy –  procedures in the event of a data security event
Whistleblower Policy (Non-Retaliation)  Protection for good faith reporting of violations or compliance concerns
Georgia Southern Survey Policy  Legal affairs policy – Use of the GS email system for survey distribution.
IRB Tutorials and Resources
Informed Consent – What changed in the New Common Rule?
When Does the Common Rule Apply? Review of the Basics Under the Revised Rule (18:14 min)
Overview of Changes to  Exemptions in the Revised Common Rule – (26:06 min)
Regulatory Options for Secondary Research with Private Information and Biospecimens (Pt 1-24:59 min and Pt 2-16.02 min)
Broad Consent in the Revised Common Rule – (17:30 min)
What’s New in IRB Review under the Revised Common Rule – (8:22 min)
NIH Clinical Research Videos  – What is research?; Clinical Trials; Questions to Ask; Randomization (3 to 7 minutes)
IRB Short Videos – You must be logged into your portal to view.

Last updated: 7/23/2021