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Biosafety Shipping and Transportation

Biohazard Shipping Training
Shipping and Transport of Regulated Biological MaterialsModule available through CITI under Biosafety/Biosecurity (Q14). Required annually – prior to any shipment of hazardous materials (including dry ice.)
Export Control
Shipping or transporting substances on these lists out of the country requires clearance through GS Legal Affairs.
Human and Animal Pathogens and Toxins
Plant Pathogens
Shipping Category A and B Comparison Chart
How to Pack Category BNon-hazardous; Dry Ice
How to Ship
Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods Form
DOT guide for completing Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods
UBTMA – Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement GS is signatory
International Shipping DocumentsDescription
Sample Customs Courtesy Letter
Certificate of Origin
Export License Requirement
Import Permit Requirement CDC etool

Last updated: 6/16/2023