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iThenticate – Originality Tool

iThenticate is a software service that allows faculty researchers and  graduate thesis and dissertation students to screen their work for originality and copyright compliance against published works as well as online sources.    Unlike the “turnitin” tool available for student works, iThenticate does not record your pre-publication submissions to protect your intellectual property and allow you to manage your findings. iThenticate is used by federal funding agencies and many publishers to check for potential plagiarism in submissions.

How to Use iThenticate –

Training and documentation materials are available on the iThenticate training website.  

Additional tutorials customized for the academic community are available here.

Ithenticate – User Guide pdf

iThenticate – User training video (54:32)

iThenticate – How to interpret iThenticate Plagiarism Reports – video (3:23)

  • There is no magic number of similarity.  Revisit larger portions of text that are the same, similar to your text or smaller matches that all come from the same source.

iThenticate – Administrator training video (54.32)

Request an iThenticate Account

How to log in to my folder

To access your user account go to and click on the green login icon on the upper right side of the screen. Enter your user name (your GS username) and password (your self-created password – not your single sign-on password).

Be aware: You must enter the site from the iThenticate home page log in. If you enter the site from another log in point on the site you may be asked for your credit card number to proceed.

Last updated: 11/8/2019