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IBC Training

Biosafety training is required for all researchers applying to the IBC. Each training course is completed online. Researchers must email training receipt to the IBC upon completion, indicating what protocol they are applying to work on.  Training is required for all faculty, staff, and students who work on a a current IBC protocol.

Training Link Additional Training Information
Initial Biosafety Training

Required annually

Directions for accessing CITI.

Board of Regents Right to Know Training Required annually
Board of Regents Right to Know- Hazardous Waste Awareness Training Required annually if using chemicals or biologicals – including human blood.
“OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen” Training Required annually; Online training for bloodborne pathogens where human blood is used.
Information Privacy & Security Required at least every 3 years (on CITI Program training site)
Shipping and Transport of Regulated Biological Materials Module available through CITI under Biosafety/Biosecurity (Q14). Required annually – prior to any shipment of hazardous materials (including dry ice.)

Last updated: 2/7/2024