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Export Control

It is the policy of GS to pursue its mission in teaching, research, and service in a manner that is consistent with the applicable export control regulations while making reasonable efforts to maximize the situations in which the University may claim the benefit of the educational exclusion, public domain or fundamental research exemptions to the regulations.

It is each faculty member’s responsibility to understand the export control requirements related to his or her work and to ensure that no exports are made contrary to U.S. export control regulations.  These regulations have significant potential applications in travel; research; transfers of material, equipment or information; purchasing; surplus property; and contracting.

Are export controls applicable to my project? (Clicking this link will take you to an external website)

Export Control License Decision Tree

FRE Decision Tree

GS Training Export Control-Handout

Faculty Guidance US Export Regulations International Students


Plant, Animal or Animal Product Exports:

US FWS Declaration for importation or exportation of fish and wildlife

USDA APHIS export of Animal Products

USDA APHIS export of Animals

CITES –  Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and Wild Fauna and Flora   – for information on GS permit access contact Colleen Evans, Collections Curator, ICPS

Last updated: 8/2/2013