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Current Guidance and Access to Forms

IRB Forms

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COVID IRB Procedures

IRB applications for research that requires in-person contact with participants must include a COVID safety plan form. This includes in-person recruitment and in-person data collection with OR without direct physical contact. Further information on COVID safety plans can be found here.

COVID IRB Procedures Update ARCHIVE

Frequent Review Comments

Below are a few frequent comments given during the IRB review process: (this list will be changed frequently)

  1. Application Signatures: IRB applications and related forms can be signed with a physical signature (sign with a pen and then scan the document for submission) or signed electronically.  To sign electronically, please use the Adobe Digital ID.  There are multiple ways to “sign” in Adobe, but this is the only method the IRB accepts. For directions on setting up your Adobe Digital ID signature, please go to  Once your Digital ID is set up: in Adobe, go to the “Certificates” tool and select “Digitally Sign.”  DO NOT use the Fill and Sign tool.  Digital ID is available in the free version of Adobe.
  2. Survey Platforms: Since Google collects IP addresses, the IRB does not consider Google forms to be anonymous. We suggest using Qualtrics or SurveyMonkey since they do offer a completely anonymous option. Faculty and students can use Qualtrics through their My.GeorgiaSouthern account at no cost to them. For minimal risk research: Google can still be used but this must be addressed in the risk section of the informed consent since this is a risk of breach of confidentiality. For more than minimal risk research: Google Forms is not an appropriate platform for surveys with sensitive topics even when “collect email address” and “limit response” options are unchecked.
  3. Informed consents: Please direct your writing to participants. For example, instead of saying “participants will…” you should say “you will…”

Last updated: 4/6/2021