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IACUC Procedures

Policy RI_301  Research Animal Protections: IACUC

Administrative Procedures Notes
SOP #101- Protocol Submission
SOP #102 – Sanctions and Noncompliance
SOP #104 – Performance Site Agreements
SOP #105 – Emergency Procedures for Animal Care
Animal Care Facility Emergency List – ADMIN ONLY Essential Personnel
SOP #106 – Animal Transportation and Procurement
Animal Facility Access List   ADMIN ONLY Current protocol required
Data Stewardship and Classification Standard IT policy –  Class I – Confidential; Class II – Sensitive with protection defined
Security Standards for Information Systems – IT-3610-00 IT policy –  data security requirements
RI-707 Minors in Labs Mentorship procedures. Minors In Lab Release Form Georgia Southern policy on the presence of minors in a lab.
Standard Operating Procedures
SOP #201 Zebrafish Coverage

Last updated: 6/19/2020