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Educational Mentorship Procedure to accompany the Minors in Lab policy

Educational mentorship procedure:

  1. A faculty member must sponsor the minor. The faculty member’s department chair must
    approve the proposed project description and plan prior to the minor’s first visit to the lab,
    research facility, studio, or shop.
  2. The faculty sponsor must complete a supervision contract describing the activities the
    minor will perform and obtain signatures from the principal investigator/faculty lab director,
    direct supervisor of the minor, and department chair. The completed form is kept on file
    with the relevant laboratory safety plan and department chair.
  3. The faculty sponsor (“Faculty or Staff with direct supervision”) must provide orientation to
    the laboratory safety plan for the minor. At a minimum, training must cover the contents of
    the plan, relevant protocols (e.g., IBC, IACUC, IRB, GS chemical hygiene plan), and
    relevant procedures and protocols for the specific work the minor will perform, with
    specific examples of safe work practices (correct handling procedures; required personal
    protective equipment). Training documentation must be maintained in the laboratory
    safety plan and with the department chair.
  4. The minor and his/her parent or legal guardian must sign the GS release from liability
    and consent to emergency medical treatment and release of records. These forms are
    kept on file with the relevant laboratory safety plan and department chair. One copy of the
    signed forms must be readily available in an emergency, so medical personnel can
    quickly see the minor’s consent to medical treatment.
  5. A designated, trained, and knowledgeable university employee must directly supervise
    minors in the laboratory at all times.
  6. Whenever possible, minors will seek secondary school and/or college credit for their

Minors in Research and Scholarship Policy

Minors in Research and Scholarship Release Form

Last updated: 9/22/2022