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Register Your UAS

UAS Tail Number

All Georgia Southern owned Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) must register for FAA tail numbers through the Research Integrity Office.  The process takes about 20 minutes.  The registration number must remain affixed to your UAS.  The registration tail number is good for 2 years.  (All GS owned drones require registration regardless of weight or purpose of flight.)

Call 478-5465 to make an appointment to bring your UAS to Veazey Hall Suite 3000 to register for your tail number.

Information required for registration:

  1. UAS Manufacturer
  2. UAS Model and Serial number
  3. UAS Remote ID designation and Serial number (if separate)
    1. Beginning September 16, 2023 all UAS flown for GS must have Remote ID
      1. through built in capability (purchase after Sept. 16, 2022 with firmware update)
      2. or be retrofitted with a remote id external module. (Remote ID external module will have a separate serial number)
      3. How to access Remote Id (RID) and find your RID number. (Separate page)
  4. Purchasing Receipt
  5. Total Weight (including payload)

Built UAS have to register for tail numbers through the mail process.  Please contact the Office of Research Integrity at 478-5465 for further information.

Last updated: 3/22/2024