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Who do I contact if I have questions regarding animal care or the IACUC at Georgia Southern?

Visit the IACUC home page here.

How long does it take to get IACUC Approval?
Protocols are reviewed at monthly IACUC meetings via the full committee review (FCR) process or via the designated member review (DMR) process.  The time required for approval depends upon the complexity of the project and clarity of communication.   It can take 4-12 weeks to get IACUC approval for an amendment or protocol.

When are the meetings and when is the deadline for submitting protocols?

The IACUC committee meets on the first week of the month during the academic year.  The day of the week will vary by semester based upon committee member teaching schedules.  Protocol must be submitted by the 15th of the month prior to the meeting to be assured a spot on the next months agenda.

The IACUC does not normally meet in the months of June, July or December.

Why did it take longer than normal for my protocol to get approved?

The most common factor that delays approval is that the IACUC decides that the protocol needs revision. In that case, approval will not be granted until these concerns are satisfactorily addressed. The IACUC, the Chair, the attending veterinarian, and the Research Compliance staff are all willing to advise you on preparing your protocol to avoid these delays. We cannot anticipate everything that might arise in the committee meeting, but we can always identify the major problems. Ask for help!

Common problems:

  • Numbers: Make sure that the numbers add up and that the reasons for using all of the animals are clear. The numbers in the protocol total, experimental design and justification for use of the number of animals requested should all be the same.
  • Euthanasia: You must either use an AVMA approved method or provide justification for an alternative method. If you want to use an alternative method, talk to the attending veterinarian before submitting the protocol.
  • Assumed Knowledge or Technical Jargon: Protocols are reviewed by committee members from varied backgrounds.  We are required to have scientific members, non-scientific members, community members and veterinary representation on the committee.  The proposal should be written to be understandable by all 4 types of reader.
  • Justifications: Federal regulations say that cost is never a justification; therefore never state that you chose to use a species because it is the cheapest alternative.
  • Delayed Response to Revision Requests:  A timely response to any revision or clarification makes for the quickest review response from the reviewers.

Can I change my procedure, add personnel or more animals once I have IACUC approval?

An amendment to the protocol must be submitted.  Please note that even the most MINOR changes MUST be approved via submission of an amendment prior to any change in animal use.

My grant is for five years but the protocol says that I can only get approval for three years. How do I get an extension?

The three year limit on animal protocols is explicitly stated in the Federal regulations. Extensions cannot be given for any reason. You must file a new protocol with a new review.  The tracking numbers will be synchronized to keep the protocol history intact.

How can I access Controlled Substances for Research Use in my Animal Protocol?

The applicable requirements to obtain a DEA permit for use in Georgia as a researcher are listed on this UGA created website.

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Last updated: 7/6/2023