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Grant Setup Process

To set up the financial component of sponsored projects in order for the Principal Investigator to be able spend as indicated in the award notification and approved budget. 

Grant Setup Responsibilities

Research Accounting (RA) is responsible for establishing a grant account in the University’s financial system, PeopleSoft. As well as establishing the account in the F&A distribution database to ensure that the F&A percentages are distributed correctly among the PIs, Departments, Deans, Georgia Southern University, and the Research Services Foundation.

Grant Setup Procedures

Create Grant Fact SheetThe fact sheet contains the grant number and financial chart stream information. It also includes a line item budget as indicated in the award notification. The Georgia Southern University portion and RSF portion of the IDC are calculated and included on the Fact Sheet in separate areas, as only the Georgia Southern University portion of the IDC is included in Peoplesoft Financials. The Fact Sheet, along with the award notification, is sent to the PI(s), Administrative staff of the department, the RSF, the Provost office, and Research Services administration and staff.
Establish Grant in Peoplesoft Financials (Fund 20000)The procedures involved in establishing an award in Peoplesoft include:
-Completing the Grant Panel sections in Peoplesoft
-Synching the Project
-Creating the Chartstream
-Setting up the Speed Chart number
-Adding the award to the Grant Tree
-Entering the Accounts Receivable and Revenue project budgets
-Running the Budget Status Report 

If the award has a cost matching requirement, a separate account must be established so that the amount of cost match can be tracked and documented according for federal guidelines.
Add Award to the F&A Database (Fund 15000)The same basic grant information included in the Peoplesoft financial application must also be entered in to the F&A database; however, it includes detailed information on the distribution percentages of the IDC. RA also identifies and excludes any budget lines that are exempt from the IDC calculation. This is to ensure that each month, when RA runs the indirect allocation process, the F&A (Fund 15000) amounts are distributed accurately. If the PI does not already have an F&A account established, RA completes and submits the necessary information in order to have an account established for them.
Obtain Approval for ePro AccessIf the PI has not had a grant previously, he/she will need access in eProcurement in order to approve any expenditures that are sent forth through the electronic purchasing system. RA completes and submits a security request form for this access on behalf of the PI if an access has not previously been granted.
Attached Fact Sheet and Award Documentation in Cloud ExpressAfter the grant is established in Peoplesoft, the F&A database, and the email with the Fact Sheet and award notification has been distributed, RA attaches the information to Comments section of the award in Cloud Express.
Notify other Departments of New AwardAfter the award is established and set up, RA works with the Budget office, Procurement, the Bursars office, and Asset Management to ensure that these areas include the grant number and chart stream information are updated in their systems.

Last updated: 7/28/2020