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Standard Operating Procedures and Policies

The mission of Research Services is to provide leadership, information, and technical assistance to faculty and staff in obtaining external funds to engage in scholarly activities (research, public service, instruction). The goals of the unit include the following:

  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of research and sponsored program activities;
  • Increase sponsored programs productivity for the entire university; and
  • Provide comprehensive support services for sponsored program administration.

Research Services (RS), in conjunction with the Offices of Research Integrity (RI), Research Accounting (RA), and the Georgia Southern University Research & Service Foundation, Inc. (GSURSF) support faculty and staff in the acquisition, performance and administration of projects and programs funded from sources outside the University through research development, administration and service; research integrity and compliance; and award management and serves as the central point of coordination for grants, sponsored projects, agreements, memoranda, cooperative and other agreements, as well as contractual obligations from individuals; government, public and non-profit agencies; and industrial, financial and private organizations to support sponsored research and service activities at Georgia Southern.

Last updated: 9/10/2020