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About Us

Georgia Southern University is a Carnegie Doctoral – High Research Activity Institution (R2) embracing the standards and practices recommended by the Public Impact Research report, commissioned by the Association of Public & Land-Grant Universities.

We are a public university of more than 26,000 students, studying in 141 undergraduate and graduate degree programs on our three regional campuses in Savannah, Statesboro, and Hinesville. In Fall 2019, we also opened a learning center in Wexford, Ireland.

Office of Research Leadership Team:

Dr. Christopher Curtis
Vice Provost for Research and Scholarship

Ms. Bruxanne Hein
Director – Research Administration

Ms. Eleanor Haynes
Director – Research Integrity

Ms. Carol Cox
Director – Operations and Communications

Dr. Asli Aslan
Research Faculty Fellow

Ms. Belinda Classens
Post-Award Management

Ms. Laura Wheaton
Legal Affairs

University Partners:

Asli Aslan

Ruth Baker

Brenda Blackwell

Andres Carrano

Carol Cox

Christopher Curtis

Eleanor Haynes

Bruxanne Hein

Jolyon Hughes

Tracy Linderholm

Lance McBrayer

Rand Ressler

Stephen Rossi

Joseph Telfair

Laura Wheaton

Asli Aslan

Christopher Baker

Brenda Blackwell

Ty Boyer

Jeffrey Burson

Lei Chen

Christopher Curtis

Scott Ellis

Gary Guillet

Antonio P. Gutierrez de Blume

Dominique Halaby

Lacey Huffling

Mujibur Khan

Tracy Linderholm

Nandi Marshall

William Mase

Bridget Melton

John Peden

Valentin Soloiu

John Van Stan

Hua Wang

Olga Amarie

Asli Aslan

Ruth Baker

Robert Batchelor

Allison Belzer

Pam Bouland-Davis

Andrew Bulla

Joanne Chopak-Foss

Trey Denton

Francis Desidero

Steve Engel

Matthew Flynn

Austin Francis

April Garrity

Grant Gearhart

Axel Grossmann

Leslie Haas

Rammi Haddad

Kymberly Harris

Joy Hodgson

Karla Jennings

Anne Katz

Jin-Woo Kim

Trent Maurer

Lance McBrayer

Michele McGibony

Lauren McMillan

Amy Potter

April Schueths

Jeffery Secrest

Padmini Shankar

Lisa Smith

Marian Tabi

Laura Valeri

John Van Stan

Hua Wang

Lara Wessel

Joshua Williams

Meca Williams-Johnson

Sarah Zingales

Last updated: 2/28/2020