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Georgia Southern University Policies

Procedures and decisions within the Office of Research are guided by university and system policies, in addition to federal, state and agency requirements. Below is a list of common Georgia Southern policies that impact Office of Research operations.

Research Development

Export Control

Intellectual Property

Start Up Funding Request and Approval

Proposal Preparation and Submission

Principal Investigator Eligibility 

Institutional Letters of Support

Limited Submission Proposals

Participant Support Costs

Principal Investigator Responsibilities

Proposal Budget Preparation

Proposal Processing

Sub-Awardee Consultants and Vendors

Award Management

Application and Retention of Salary Savings Resulting from Sponsored Programs

Research Facilities and Administrative Costs Policy

Reports and Deliverables for Sponsored Projects

Residual Balance

Closeout of Sponsored Award

Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects

Federally Sponsored Effort Documentation

Records Retention

Sponsored Expense/Cost Transfers

Negotiation and Execution of Contracts

Research Integrity

Animal Care and Use Program Zebrafish Coverage

Faculty Use of Student Data in Research

Human Subjects Protection: Institutional Biosafety Committee

Human Subjects Protection: Institutional Review Board

Minors in Research and Scholarship

Research Animal Protections: Institutional Animal Care and Use

Research Compliance

Research Financial Conflict of Interest FCOI Disclosure

Use of Unmanned and Remote Control Aircraft Vehicles

Human Subject Incentive Payment Policy

Last updated: 6/5/2023