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Award Management FAQs

Award Startup

What happens if a successful, awarded proposal was not routed through Research Services for submission?  Can it still be administered by the university?

If an application, proposal, or contract is not processed through Research Services and properly reviewed and approved by the appropriate academic and administrative units, there is the risk of an award not being accepted or unnecessarily delayed. Additionally, if a project is solicited by a third-party, and work is performed on this project in absence of a recognized and fully executed sponsored program (grant or contract), the principal investigator alone maintains ultimate liability for any and all requirements of the research program. Further, the principal investigator must reimburse the University for any and all costs associated with the use of University resources commonly associated with the pursuit of this research.

When a PI is notified of an award, who officially accepts the award?

Georgia Southern University Research and Service Foundation (GSURSF) accepts grants and contractual obligations from individuals, government and public agencies, industry sponsors and private organizations to support research, instruction, and service activities at Georgia Southern University.

Why does it take so long for GSURSF to accept an award?

There can be a variety of issues that impact award acceptance and setup timing.  For example, there may be conditions that the University is unable to accept and must negotiate, a budget may need to be revised, or paperwork may be required for subawardees.  If conditions lead to an extended timeframe between notification and acceptance, your Grant Coordinator will keep you updated on progress.

Once the PI is notified of an award, can the PI begin spending money in support of the research project? 

No, the PI should not begin expending funds related to the project until approval is received from Research Accounting to initiate the project.  If there is an urgent need, then the PI should reach out to the Grant Coordinator because there are limited circumstances in which pre-spending may be approved.

I was notified that an award was accepted by the university but it seems to be taking a long time to setup the spending accounts.  Who can I contact to inquire about timing?

Once a project is accepted by the university, a Research Accountant will setup accounts aligned with your final, approved budget.  Timing questions should be directed to Research Accounting.

Ongoing Award Management

How is time and effort calculated for Effort Reports?

Georgia Southern University uses an after-the-fact system of documenting time & effort charged to federal grants and contracts by estimating effort and then charging salaries and wages based on these estimates. The United States Office of Management and Budget (OMB), 2 CFR, Part 200.430, paragraph (i) states that charges to federal awards for salaries and wages must be based on records that accurately reflect the work performed.

Why do I have to complete an effort report?

Effort reporting is a federal requirement that is managed by Research Accounting.

I was asked to provide some financial information during my regular agency report (e.g. remaining balance).  I have the information from a recent document provided to me by my Research Accountant.  Can I use that information to complete the report?

No. The Georgia Southern University Research and Service Foundation (GSURSF) is responsible for all financial reporting for grants/awards.  If the PI requires financial information and/or a report, it should be obtained from and approved by GSURSF prior to submission.

Last updated: 4/27/2021