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Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity

Georgia Southern University is an emerging research institution that not only depends on the expertise of faculty researchers but also the dynamic ideas and creativity of its students. At GS, undergraduates pursue investigation, inquiry, and creative expression across the institution. Students are able to take advantage of individual research projects in their area of interest, execute research projects as part of their class curriculum or support research efforts of faculty members.

Undergraduate research focuses on conducting experiments, analyzing data, interpreting a text or a work of art within an historical and cultural context, making connections, exploring meaning, or uncovering contradictions. Doing independent research allows students to develop their own original ideas and present them to a wider audience; they become producers, not just consumers, of knowledge. There are countless opportunities in each college and department to be involved in the innovative research happening at Georgia Southern University.

student archaeologist working on skull, artist painting a picture, chemistry student measuring liquid

Last updated: 11/16/2020