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Support and Grow the Institute for Water and Health

Your donations and partnerships directly support:

Rapid Response Research (R3) Program

Student STEM-H career development and advancement

Community capacity building, coordination, and empowerment

Donations increase flexibility and responsiveness

The IWH staff work to create connections and coalitions that can be used towards grant applications every day. However, donations allow for more creativity, support for a broader range of partnerships, and responsiveness to challenges that can’t wait for the next round of funding. By investing in the academic and scientific success of the IWH, your donation makes you an active participant in the community at the intersection of water and public health.

Support students building their careers

Financial donations can help the IWH fund student opportunities in the growing public health field. Often, students from underserved communities are forced to drop out due to monetary obligations. By providing well-paying student positions that lead to a career in improving our communities, the benefits of your donation are multifold. Because the IWH is a multidisciplinary program, we can partner with a diverse group of employers. By setting up internships and fellowships, the IWH will work with you and the University to create advantageous opportunities for our students.

Sponsorships and workshop funding

The IWH develops workshops for professionals, educators, volunteers, and community members on public health and water issues on the coast. These events highlight areas of collaboration, gaps in data, and illustrate the value of community knowledge. Supporting these events connects communities and makes for a more equitable, livable environment.

Ready to activate your support the Institute for Water and Health?

Last updated: 4/21/2022