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Safe Water, Sustainable Environment, Resilient People

Uniting science, practice, and community funds of knowledge to implement a collective vision of safe water, sustainable environments, and resilient communities in Coastal Georgia and beyond.

Who We Are

We are a research, education, and outreach group dedicated to working with a diverse collection of stakeholders to tackle the multidisciplinary issues in our water environment. We work in community engagement, field data collection, and advanced analysis in our lab in Savannah. Our partners in academia, municipalities, environmental agencies and community-based organizations have been actively collaborating on a number of projects to help us better serve Georgia communities and beyond.

What We Do

Clean water is a necessity for healthy communities, dynamic economies, and a
sustainable environment. Increasing water demand, aging infrastructure, and rising sea levels challenge Georgia communities to adopt equitable long-term solutions for current and future environmental changes. The IWH supports resilient communities by providing scientific expertise and technology where
and when it is needed most.

The Institute for Water and Health uses your donations to increase the flexibility and responsiveness of our research, support student careers, and fund workshops and events for education and community engagement. Programs like our Rapid Response Research rely on donations to collect and analyze water quality without reliance on time-consuming grants that may be targeting different subjects.

This Week at IWH

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