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Aasheim, Cheryl ImageAasheim, CherylAllen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Information TechnologyData Analytics Data Mining IT Job Skills Big Data IT Education
Abell, Martha ImageAbell, MarthaCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Applied Mathematics
Acharya, Ananta ImageAcharya, AnantaCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics
Adhikari, Atin ImageAdhikari, AtinJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthEnvironmental Microbiology Exposure Assessment Aerobiology Bioaerosols Endotoxins Mold Allergens Aerosol Science Air Quality Indoor Air Quality Air Pollution Studies Aerosol Science and Technology Inhalation Toxicology Environmental Exposure Particulate Matter Indoor Air Pollution Air Pollution Control Microbial Inactivation Atmospheric Aerosols Air Pollution Monitoring Occupational (Agricultural ) Exposure Occupational Respiratory Health Environmental and Occupational Hygiene
Afriyie-Gyawu, Evans ImageAfriyie-Gyawu, EvansJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthToxicology Aflatoxicosis Epidemiology Biostatistics Biomedical Science Food Safety
Aggarwal, Neelam ImageAggarwal, NeelamCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Aiken, Karelle  ImageAiken, Karelle College of Science and MathematicsChemistry Organic Chemistry Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Alfonso, Moya ImageAlfonso, MoyaJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthAddiction and Recovery Adolescent Health Adolescent Psychology Health Promotion Health-Study and Teaching Research Methods in Public Health
Allen, Deborah ImageAllen, DeborahCollege of Health and Human Sciences
Amason, Allen ImageAmason, AllenCollege of Business AdministrationStrategic Management Strategic Decision Making Competitive Advantage Strategy Processes
Amonette, Allison ImageAmonette, AllisonCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Physical Chemistry Molecule Bonding and Structure
Anderson, Kathryn ImageAnderson, KathrynCollege of Health and Human SciencesFamily Health Mental Health Chronic Illness International Health Health Policies Health Disparities
Anderson, Thomas ImageAnderson, ThomasCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Chemical Laboratories Physical Chemistry Chemistry-Study and Teaching
Apenteng, Bettye ImageApenteng, BettyeJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthPublic Health Management Public Health Research
Aslan, Asli ImageAslan, AsliJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthGlobal Water Quality and Health Environmental Microbiology Aquatic Microbial Ecology
Aubrey, Doug ImageAubrey, DougCollege of Science and MathematicsForest Ecophysiology Ecohydrology Ecosystem Ecology Forest Ecology Production Ecology Disturbance Ecology Biogeochemistry
Baker, Ruth ImageBaker, RuthZach S. Henderson LibraryInformation Literacy Reference Services (Libraries) Electronic Reference Services (Libraries) Information Technology LibGuides Curation Tools Information Science Learning Theory
Balaraman, Anand ImageBalaraman, AnandCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics
Barrs, Sharon ImageBarrs, SharonCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Mathematics-Study and Teaching
Batchelor, Robert ImageBatchelor, RobertCollege of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesModern Britain Comparative World Early China-British Relations
Bell, Deborah ImageBell, DeborahCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Mathematics-Study and Teaching
Bland, Helen ImageBland, HelenJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthPregnancy Weight Management Physical Fitness Nutrition Food Habits
Boyer, Ty ImageBoyer, TyCollege of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesPsychology Developmental Psychology Cognitive Development and Processes
Braselton, James ImageBraselton, JamesCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Braselton, Lorraine ImageBraselton, LorraineCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Brock, Gregory ImageBrock, GregoryCollege of Business AdministrationEconomic Development Transition Economies Regional Economics
Calamas, David ImageCalamas, DavidAllen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Information TechnologyHeat Transfer Fluid Mechanics Fluid Dynamics Energy Renewable Energy Solar Computational Fluid Dynamics
Calhoun, Daniel ImageCalhoun, DanielCollege of Education
Chamblee, Gregory  ImageChamblee, Gregory College of EducationCurriculum and Instruction Education
Champ, Charles ImageChamp, CharlesCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Statistics
Charles, Simone  ImageCharles, Simone Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthEnvironmental Health
Chatterjee, Arpita ImageChatterjee, ArpitaCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Bayesian Models Sparse Binary Data Statistics Survival Analysis Cure Rate Models Latent Class Model
Chopak-Foss, Joanne ImageChopak-Foss, JoanneJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthAdolescent Health Adolescent Pregnancy Eating Disorder Prevention Women’s Health Health Literacy in College Age Students
Cornthwaite, John ImageCornthwaite, JohnCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Cuellar, Michael ImageCuellar, MichaelCollege of Business AdministrationOnline Communities Business Analytics Project Management Scholarly Influence Critical Realism
Cárdenas, Andrea ImageCárdenas, AndreaJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthCommunity Health
Darley, Joy ImageDarley, JoyCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Mathematics-Study and Teaching
Davis, C. Amelia ImageDavis, C. AmeliaCollege of EducationQualitative Research Adult Education Transitions to Adulthood
Davis McGibony, C. Michele ImageDavis McGibony, C. MicheleCollege of Science and MathematicsBiochemistry Chemistry
Dazkir, Sibel ImageDazkir, SibelCollege of Health and Human SciencesInterior Design Environmental Psychology Design Pedagogy Design and Emotion Sense of Place Socio-cultural influences and design
Dean, Cleon ImageDean, CleonCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics
DiCesare, John  ImageDiCesare, John College of Science and MathematicsOrganic Chemistry Materials Science Nanotechnology Medicinal Chemistry Combinatorial Chemistry
Diffenderfer, James ImageDiffenderfer, JamesCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Dillies, Jimmy Image Not AvailableDillies, JimmyCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Durach, Maxim ImageDurach, MaximCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics
Dyer, John ImageDyer, JohnCollege of Business AdministrationInformation Systems Database SAP/ERP Applied Statistics SPC/Control Charting Monte Carlo Simulation Information Systems Education Financial Education
Edwards, Inna ImageEdwards, InnaCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Hydro-Aerodynamics Pedagogical Methods Technology in the Classroom
Edwards, Mark ImageEdwards, MarkCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics
Eisenhart, Emily ImageEisenhart, EmilyJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthAddiction Recovery Substance Abuse Alcoholism
Eremeeva, Marina ImageEremeeva, MarinaJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthMolecular epidemiology and exposure assessment to vector-borne and zoonotic diseases Anthropogenic and environmental factors affecting emergence and spread of vector-borne and zoonotic diseases diseases Cellular and immunological aspects of microbial pathogenesis
Evans, Gregory  ImageEvans, Gregory Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthBioterrorism Pandemic Planning Environmental Health Environmental Epidemiology Myocardial Infarction
Flynn, Richard Image Not AvailableFlynn, Richard
Fortenberry, Ryan ImageFortenberry, RyanCollege of Science and MathematicsComputational Chemistry Quantum Chemistry Astrochemistry Physical Chemistry Theoretical Astrochemistry Spectroscopy Computational Science Molecular Astrophysics Laboratory Astrophysics Anions
Fung, Isaac Chun-Hai ImageFung, Isaac Chun-HaiJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthInfectious Disease Epidemiology Mathematical models of infectious diseases
Garno, Melissa ImageGarno, MelissaCollege of Health and Human SciencesNursing Mental Health Nursing Nursing-Study and Teaching
Gatch, Delena ImageGatch, DelenaCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics Condensed Matter Physics
Gato, Worlanyo ImageGato, WorlanyoCollege of Science and MathematicsBiochemistry Environmental Science Environmental Chemistry Environmental Toxicology
Graham, Beverly  ImageGraham, Beverly College of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesCommunication Public Speaking Public Relations
Gujilde, Paolo ImageGujilde, PaoloZach S. Henderson LibraryLibrary and Information Science Archival Science Collection Development (Library) Collection Management (Library) Information Literacy Scholarly Communication
Gwinett, Lori ImageGwinett, LoriZach S. Henderson LibraryFederal Government Information Georgia Government Information Information Literacy Peace and Justice Studies Stress in the Academic Library Effective Use of Library Resources
Hansen, Andrew ImageHansen, AndrewJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthChild Health Exercise Science (Physical Activity) Public Health Nutrition Education School Health
Harvin, James ImageHarvin, JamesCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics
Hawkins, John ImageHawkins, JohnCollege of Science and MathematicsApplied Mathematics Mathematics
Heller, Clayton ImageHeller, ClaytonCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics Astronomy
Higdon, James ImageHigdon, JamesCollege of Science and MathematicsAstronomy Physics
Higdon, Sarah ImageHigdon, SarahCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics Astronomy
Hladik, Christine  ImageHladik, Christine College of Science and MathematicsRemote Sensing (Hyperspectral, Satellite, LIDAR) Mechanistic Biogeochemical and Geomorphic Models Salt Marsh Ecology Climate Change Coastal Habitats Wetlands and Adjacent Upland Habitats Environmental Management of Coastal Resources
Hodges, Charles ImageHodges, CharlesCollege of EducationInstructional Technology Educational Technology Self-efficacy Self-regulation Program Evaluation Online Learning e-learning STEM Education Teacher Professional Development Instructional Design Computer Science Education
Hoell, Jacqueline ImageHoell, JacquelineCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Hu, Yi ImageHu, YiCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Hu, Yingkang ImageHu, YingkangCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Humphrey, Patricia ImageHumphrey, PatriciaCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Statistics
Hurst, Michael ImageHurst, MichaelCollege of Science and MathematicsBiochemistry Chemistry-Study and Teaching
Iacob, Alina  ImageIacob, Alina College of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Iacob, Ionut ImageIacob, IonutCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Computer Science
Jackson, Katrina ImageJackson, Katrina
Jackson , Chester ImageJackson , ChesterCollege of Science and MathematicsShoreline and Coasts of Georgia, South and North Carolina, Florida, and Puerto Rico GIS Geographic Information System
Jones, Jeffery ImageJones, JefferyJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health
Kelly, Jacque ImageKelly, JacqueCollege of Science and MathematicsGroundwater Geochemistry Coastal Hydrology Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Earth Isotope Geochemistry
Kern, Sean ImageKern, SeanCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Spectrocopy
Kersey, Scott ImageKersey, ScottCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Analysis
Klibert, Jeff ImageKlibert, JeffCollege of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesCounseling Psychology Clinical Psychology Adolescent Development Suicide Prevention
Kocerha, Jannet  Image Not AvailableKocerha, Jannet College of Science and MathematicsBiochemistry Neuroscience
Koehler, Brian ImageKoehler, BrianCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Inorganic Chemistry
Kreller, David ImageKreller, DavidCollege of Science and MathematicsAnalytical Chemistry Environmental Chemistry
Lady, Belinda ImageLady, BelindaCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Organic Chemistry
LaFrance, Jason ImageLaFrance, JasonCollege of EducationEducational Leadership Education K-12 School Improvement Technology for Leadership/Instruction School Culture
Lakuriqi, Enkeleida  ImageLakuriqi, Enkeleida College of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Landers, Eric ImageLanders, EricEmotional/ Behavior Disorders Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Bullying Intervention Youth-At-Risk
Landge, Shainaz ImageLandge, ShainazCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Organic Chemistry
Langdon, Jody ImageLangdon, JodyCollege of Health and Human SciencesHealth Physical Education
Lanier, Susie ImageLanier, SusieCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Mathematics-Study and Teaching
Lawrence, Raymona  ImageLawrence, Raymona Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthMitigating Health Inequities among Rural, Underserved African American Communities Sickle Cell Disease/Trait
Ledlow, Gerald ImageLedlow, GeraldJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthHealthcare Leadership and Management Community Disaster Preparedness Community Terrorism Preparedness Supply Chain Strategies and Operations Healthcare Delivery Systems Strategic and Operational Planning Cancer Screening Behaviors Industry Applications for Healthcare Leadership and Management
Lee, Bridgett ImageLee, BridgettCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Mathematics-Study and Teaching
Lesaja, Goran ImageLesaja, GoranCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Applied Mathematics Computational Sciences
Li, Li ImageLi, LiCollege of Health and Human SciencesBiomechanics Gait Locomotion Postural Control Fall Risks Diabetic Neuropathy Motor Control Kinesiology Personal Injury
Li, LiLi ImageLi, LiLiZach S. Henderson LibraryWeb-Based User Services
Li, Xiaoning ImageLi, XiaoningCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Organic Chemistry
Li, Xiezhang ImageLi, XiezhangCollege of Science and MathematicsNumerical Analysis Mathematics
Lin, Yi ImageLin, YiCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Linder, Daniel ImageLinder, DanielJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthBiostatistics Applied Mathematics
LoBue, James ImageLoBue, JamesCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Spectroscopy Physical Chemistry Chemistry Teaching
Longfield, Judith ImageLongfield, Judith
Lowder, David ImageLowder, DavidZach S. Henderson LibraryLibrary Automation Automated Retrieval Systems
Lowery, Ashley ImageLowery, AshleyZach S. Henderson LibraryInstitutional Repositories Digital Commons Art History
Luque, John ImageLuque, JohnJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthLatino Immigrant and Migrant Health Community-Based Participatory Research/CBPR Cancer Prevention Health Disparities Lay Health Advisors Medical Anthropology Social Marketing Global Health
Ma, Li ImageMa, LiCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics Bioinorganic Chemistry Engineering
Magnant, Colton ImageMagnant, ColtonCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Magnant, Zhuojun  ImageMagnant, Zhuojun College of Science and MathematicsMathematics Numerical Linear Algebra Image Processing Scientific Computing Experimental Design Inverse Problems
Mase, William ImageMase, WilliamJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthHealth Policy and Management Public Health Workforce
Maurer, Trent ImageMaurer, TrentCollege of Health and Human SciencesScholarship of Teaching & Learning [SoTL] Family Violence
Mayes, Robert ImageMayes, RobertCollege of EducationMathematics Education STEM Disciplines
McLean, T. ImageMcLean, T.College of Science and MathematicsMathematics
McLemore, Donald ImageMcLemore, DonaldCollege of Science and MathematicsEconomic Development Chemistry Polymer Science Physics Biofuels
Melton, Bridget ImageMelton, BridgetCollege of Health and Human SciencesHealth Promotion Health-Study and Teaching Weight Management Physical Fitness
Michalski, Grzegorz ImageMichalski, GrzegorzCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematical Logic Foundations of Mathematics Recursion Theory Convergence Spaces
Miller, Bryan ImageMiller, BryanCollege of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesDrug Use and Abuse Drug Policies Criminological Theory Criminal Justice and Public Policy Offender Reentry and Reintegration Peer Delinquency
Ming, Marshall ImageMing, MarshallCollege of Science and MathematicsPolymer Chemistry Materials Chemistry Physics
Mitchell, W.  ImageMitchell, W. Zach S. Henderson LibraryLibrary and Information Science Academic Librarianship Library Management and Administration
Mitra, Aditi ImageMitra, AditiCollege of Science and MathematicsApplied Economics Mathematics
Moulton, Marc  ImageMoulton, Marc College of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesSculpture Outdoor Art
Mynard, Frédéric ImageMynard, FrédéricCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Narendrapurapu, Beulah ImageNarendrapurapu, BeulahCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Computational Chemistry
Naufel, Karen ImageNaufel, KarenCollege of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Ngai, Sze-Man ImageNgai, Sze-ManCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Functional Analysis Measure Theory Fractal Geometry
Nguyen, Ha ImageNguyen, HaCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Nielsen, Michael ImageNielsen, MichaelCollege of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesPsychology Social Psychology Religion Mormonism
Odubote, Oluseyi ImageOdubote, OluseyiCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Statistics
Oganian, Anna ImageOganian, AnnaCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Oluyede, Broderick ImageOluyede, BroderickCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Statistics
Orvis, Jeffery ImageOrvis, JefferyCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Inorganic Chemistry Chemistry Teaching
Orvis, Jessica ImageOrvis, JessicaCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Chemistry Teaching STEM Scholarship of Teaching and Learning SOTL
Osborne, Tanesha ImageOsborne, TaneshaCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Organic Chemistry
Pandey, Laxman ImagePandey, LaxmanCollege of Science and MathematicsComputational Materials Chemistry Organic Electronic Materials
Parks, Fayth  ImageParks, Fayth College of EducationHIV Related Mental Health Issues Health and Spirituality Positive Psychology Ethnopsychology Social Justice and Advocacy Student Services in Higher Education
Payne, Marvin ImagePayne, MarvinCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics
Peace, Karl ImagePeace, KarlJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthBiostatistics
Piltner, Reinhard ImagePiltner, ReinhardCollege of Science and MathematicsCivil Engineering Mathematics
Posick, Chad  ImagePosick, Chad College of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesDelinquency Emotions Psychometrics Social Context Victimization
Quirino , Rafael  ImageQuirino , Rafael College of Science and MathematicsOrganic Chemistry
Ramoutar, Ria  ImageRamoutar, Ria College of Science and MathematicsChemistry Bioinorganic Chemistry Biochemistry
Rangel, Dolores Image Not AvailableRangel, DoloresContemporary Mexican Literature Contemporary Latin American Literature
Ransom, Marshall ImageRansom, MarshallCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Reichard, James ImageReichard, JamesCollege of Science and MathematicsHydrology Groundwater Discharge Chemistry of Surface Waters Vertical Movement of Groundwater Undergraduate Instruction Techniques Geology-Study and Teaching
Rich, Fredrick ImageRich, FredrickCollege of Science and MathematicsGeorgia Coastal Plain Geology Earth Science-Study and Teaching Coal Geology Wetlands Georgia Mineral Deposits Palynology Paleoecology Geology-Study and Teaching
Riggs, Amy Jo ImageRiggs, Amy JoHealth and Human Sciences Nutrition and Food Sciences
Robb, Claire ImageRobb, ClaireJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthCervical Cancer Screening HPV Vaccination Cancer Survivorship Health Disparities Geriatric Cancer Patients Functional Disability in Geriatric Cancer Survivors
Rogers, Alfreda ImageRogers, AlfredaCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Rogers, G. ImageRogers, G.College of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Ross, Levi ImageRoss, LeviJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthHealth Communications Health Promotion Health Behavior Health Education Decision Making Cancer Health Disparities Oncology
Rusina, Anastasia ImageRusina, AnastasiaCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics Condensed Matter Physics
Rutner, Paige ImageRutner, PaigeCollege of Business AdministrationInformation Technology
Ryan, Rebecca ImageRyan, RebeccaCollege of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesDevelopmental Psychology Psychology-Study and Teaching Psychology and Law
Saenz, Mariana Image Not AvailableSaenz, Mariana
Saha, Arpita ImageSaha, ArpitaCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Inorganic Chemistry
Samawi, Hani ImageSamawi, HaniJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthStatistical Methods Data Analysis
Sanders, Susan ImageSanders, Susan
Scalera, Jamie ImageScalera, JamieCollege of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesInternational Relations International Political Economy International Organizations European Union
Schanz, Hans ImageSchanz, HansCollege of Science and MathematicsOlefin Metathesis Ligand Design for Aqueous Catalysis Polymeric Materials for Medical Applications High Impact-resistant Fibers
Schueths, April ImageSchueths, AprilCollege of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesRace Ethnicity Immigration Citizenship Child Welfare Family Policy Inequality in Education Health Disparities
Schwartz, Rachel ImageSchwartz, RachelJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthPandemic Response Plans Health Education Communication in Medicine Medical Writing Teacher Effectiveness Effective Teaching
Shah, Gulzar ImageShah, GulzarJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthLocal Health Departments (LHDs) Local Public Health
Shaikh, Abid ImageShaikh, AbidCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Organic Chemistry Green Chemistry
Sharpe, William ImageSharpe, WilliamCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics-Study and Teaching
Sills, Andrew ImageSills, AndrewCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Skinner, Debra ImageSkinner, DebraZach S. Henderson LibraryCataloging & Metadata Institutional Repositories Digital Commons Library and Information Science
Smith, Chasen ImageSmith, ChasenCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Smith, Fred ImageSmith, FredZach S. Henderson LibraryLibrary Science
Smith, Kathlyn ImageSmith, KathlynCollege of Science and MathematicsGeology Vertebrate Paleontology Fossil Species Pleistocene Paleoecology of Atlantic Coastal Plane Megafaunae Mosasaur Basilosaurids South African Elephants
Smith, Lisa ImageSmith, LisaZach S. Henderson LibraryInformation Literacy Evaluation of Information Academic Integrity
Smith, Reed ImageSmith, ReedCollege of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesBroadcast and Journalism History Broadcast News Broadcast Announcing Media Ethics
Stambaugh, Laura  ImageStambaugh, Laura College of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesMusic Education Music Cognition
Stephens, James ImageStephens, JamesJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthStrategic Planning & Business Policy Healthcare Economics Leadership Organizational Behavior Healthcare Finance Human Resources Management
Stewart, Amanda ImageStewart, AmandaCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Biochemistry
Stokolos, Alexander ImageStokolos, AlexanderCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Stone, David ImageStone, DavidCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Applied Mathematics
Stone, John ImageStone, JohnCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Nanotechnology Instrumentation
Sturz, Bradley ImageSturz, BradleyCollege of Liberal Arts and Social SciencesSpatial Learning Memory Cognition
Sullivan, Kelly ImageSullivan, KellyJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthNeuroepidemiology Research Methods Clinical Trials Neurodegenerative Diseases Translational Medicine New Drug Applications Evidence Based Medicine Complimentary and Alternative Medicine Sleep Movement Disorders Tremor Psychological Comorbidities of Disease
Sun, Jing ImageSun, JingCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Organic Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry
Takas, Nathan ImageTakas, NathanCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Solid State Inorganic Chemistry Materials Chemistry Chemistry Laboratories Instrumentation
Tarasenko, Yelena ImageTarasenko, YelenaJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthHealth Disparities
Taylor, Sharon ImageTaylor, SharonCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Tedders, Stuart ImageTedders, StuartJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthCommunity Health Perinatal Health
Telfair, Joseph  ImageTelfair, Joseph Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthCommunity-Based Program Evaluation and Research Multi-Site and Multi-Method Evaluation Social and Economic Determinants of Wellness and Health Disparities Health Practice, Research, Program Evaluation, and Policy Issues of Women, Teens and Children with Chronic Conditions Sickle Cell Disease Issues of access to, and utilization of, health care for the poor, people of color and persons living in rural areas Development, design and conduct of population data tools and surveys Social and Community Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research (Domestic/International) Public Health Genetics Public Health Social Work Maternal and Child Health Practice with persons with special health care needs and their families Public Health Practice Building and Utilizing Practice-based evidence International and Domestic Professional/Provider Education and Training
Thackston, Russell ImageThackston, RussellAllen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Information TechnologyCloud Computing computational Chemistry Software Engineering Software Process microISVs Effort Estimation
Trupe, Charles ImageTrupe, CharlesCollege of Science and MathematicsGeology Structural Geology Tectonics Appalachian Mountains Georgia Coastal Plains Geology Petrology
Tu, Wei ImageTu, WeiCollege of Science and MathematicsGeography GIS Spatial Analysis on Economic, Environmental, and Public Health Issues Geography of the Information Society Environmental Geography China and East Asia
Uchida, Masahiko ImageUchida, MasahikoCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Underwood, S. ImageUnderwood, S.College of Science and MathematicsGeography Climate Change Natural Hazards Meteorology & Climatology
Van Stan, John ImageVan Stan, JohnCollege of Science and MathematicsGeography Ecohydrology Forest Biogeochemistry Hydrologic Instrumentation Development Atmosphere-Biosphere Interactions
Vance, R. ImageVance, R.College of Science and MathematicsGeology Environmental Geology Barrier Island Geology Sea Turtle Conservation Tectonics Volcanoes Mineral Resources Ground Radar Applications
Villa-Vargas, Jorge ImageVilla-Vargas, JorgeCollege of Science and MathematicsAstronomy Physics
Vogel, Robert ImageVogel, RobertJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthBiostatistics Missing Data Longitudinal Data Complex Sample Surveys Data Analysis
Walker, Ashley ImageWalker, AshleyJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthParticipatory Action Research Community-Based Participatory Research Photovoice Health Disparities Social Determinants of Health
Wang, Hua ImageWang, HuaCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Wang, Xiao-Jun ImageWang, Xiao-JunCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics Laser Spectroscopy Dynamic Processes Biomedical Applications of Lasers and Optics Phosphor and Long Persistent Phosphor Preparation
Welford, Mark ImageWelford, MarkCollege of Science and MathematicsHistoric Hurricanes Tropical Biogeography Spatial Epidemiology
Whitlock, Christine ImageWhitlock, ChristineCollege of Science and MathematicsOrganic Chemistry
Whitworth, Ruth ImageWhitworth, Ruth
Wichramarchchi, Tharanga ImageWichramarchchi, TharangaCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Statistics
Winskie, Amy ImageWinskie, AmyCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Mathematics-Study and Teaching (Secondary)
Wu, Ji ImageWu, JiCollege of Science and MathematicsChemistry Quantitative Analytical Chemistry
Wu, Yan ImageWu, YanCollege of Science and MathematicsApplied Mathematics Electrical Engineering
Yarbrough, Robert ImageYarbrough, RobertCollege of Science and MathematicsGeography Population Geography Immigration Geography Education
Yocco, Lisa ImageYocco, LisaCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Zhang, Jian ImageZhang, JianJiann-Ping Hsu College of Public HealthImpact of Nutrition and Diet on Mental Well-Being Epidemiology Chronic Disease Research Methods of Epidemiology Public Health Surveillance
Zhang, Jing-yuan ImageZhang, Jing-yuanCollege of Science and MathematicsPhysics Nonlinear Optics Laser Physics
Zhao, Chunshan ImageZhao, ChunshanCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics Applied Mathematics
Zheng, Shijun ImageZheng, ShijunCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
Zhu, Jiehua ImageZhu, JiehuaCollege of Science and MathematicsApplied Mathematics Mathematics
Ziegler, François ImageZiegler, FrançoisCollege of Science and MathematicsMathematics
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