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The U.S. pulp and paper industry is a leading contributor to our Nation’s economy. The sector manufactures over $171 billion in products annually, contributing nearly 4% of manufacturing GDP. It employs nearly 1 million, meeting a payroll of approximately $50 billion annually, and is among the top 10 manufacturing sector employers in 47 states. Georgia leads the Nation in forest products output, having a forest products industry in excess of $15 billion.

Herty is the birthplace of the Southern Pulp & Paper industry, the most productive forest products region of the United States. Established in 1932, Herty’s capabilities in pulping, bleaching and papermaking technologies have helped hundreds of companies develop new process and new products, allowing them to be more competitive and helping them expand uses for wood and non-wood fibers. Herty has and continues to be a vital enabler of new products and processes and a key supporter of the forest products industry.

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Let Herty help you engineer product properties that can meet or exceed your customer demands.

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Let Herty support your conceptual design, process demonstration and pre-commercial production needs. From handsheets to computer-aided design, to machine trials and scale-up, Herty is with you every step of the way.

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Herty can help you identify wood and non-wood fiber sources, and design and execute pulping, bleaching and papermaking trials. Our fully-integrated pilot plant can produce up to 1 metric ton per day of unbleached pulp. We have a range of capabilities for pulp bleaching, including elemental chlorine free (ECF) and totally chlorine free (TCF) bleaching. We can refine pulps, blend pulps and create an engineered furnish. We can supply this furnish as wet-lap and dry-lap form or use it to produce your paper product.

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Filler and chemical additives are an important part of most papermaking furnishes. They are used extensively to lower overall product costs or impart unique properties to the product. Herty’s extensive wet-end capabilities, chemical make-down systems, refining, and on-machine chemical applications, enable the rapid evaluation of new fillers and chemical additives.

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While Herty was founded on the development of paper and specialty pulps from southern pine, Herty has the expertise and capabilities for utilizing non-wood fiber sources such as sugarcane bagasse, bamboo, miscanthus and hemp as papermaking feedstocks. These fibers can be used in a variety of commercial applications including specialty pulp, paper and paperboard products, personal care products, such as diapers, and fiber composites used in automotive panels.

For more information regarding development, scale-up, and production, please contact Dr. Walt Chappas.
For more information regarding pulping and bleaching, please contact Dr. Omar Ali.

Last updated: 8/8/2016