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About the IWH


The Institute for Water and Health (IWH) at Georgia Southern University commits to advance understanding of complex interactions between water and human activities to protect and restore health in a changing environment.

The institute is a research and education unit, fostering collaboration among academia, communities, industry, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Our convergent approach addresses current and future challenges in the water and health nexus while providing sustainable solutions based on community needs.


At the heart of Coastal Georgia, the institute has a unique position to seek feasible solutions for many globally relevant water environment challenges that have ecological, sociological, and public health consequences. Established researchers in the field bring their expertise to develop innovative approaches in science, technology, and engineering and provide scientific evidence to support advancing environmental health policies while training the next-generation workforce with the necessary skill sets to combat real-world problems.

Public Impact

IWH’s mission is in alignment with Georgia Southern’s mission and vision as a Public Impact Research University, providing transformative research and learning experiences to the communities we serve. With the diverse background and expertise of Georgia Southern faculty and external collaborators, the institute is ready to expand its research portfolio beyond Georgia starting in its initial years.

Last updated: 4/7/2022