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IWH Connected Faculty

Francisco Cubas
Francisco Cubas, Ph.D
Civil Engineering and Construction
Matthew Flynn Profile Photo
Matthew Flynn, Ph.D
International Studies and Sociology

Isaac Chun-Hai Fung, Ph.D
Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Lacey Huffling Profile Photo
Lacey Huffling, Ph.D
Middle Grades and Secondary Education

Lixin Li profile photo
Lixin Li, Ph.D
Computer Science, Spatiotemporal Interpolation Methods
Ana Palacios profile photo
Ana M. Palacios, MD, Ph.D
Community Health Education & Behavior

Rocio Perez profile photo
Rocio L. Perez, Ph.D
Analytical Chemistry
Munshi Khaledur Rahman profile photo
Munshi Khaledur Rahman, Ph.D
Geography and GIS Systems

Heather Scott Profile Photo
Heather C. Scott, Ph.D
Middle Grades and Secondary Education
Anthony Siccardi, Ph.D
Biology and Aquaculture

Jayce Sudweeks profile photo
Jayce Sudweeks, Ph.D
Nonprofit Strategic Management and Administration

Weitian Tong, Ph.D
Computer Science
Sara Gremillion, Ph.D
Cell Biology/Mycology/Plant Pathology

Last updated: 9/7/2022