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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Georgia Southern Student Scholarship Symposium?

Georgia Southern Student Scholarship Symposium is a showcase of undergraduate and graduate student academic and creative research and scholarly work. Participants from all majors are given the opportunity to  present, discuss, and network about their research and artistic endeavors.

When and where is the Student Scholarship Symposium being held?

The Georgia Southern Student Scholarship Symposium is being held on both Armstrong and Statesboro campuses: April 16, 2024 at the Russell Student Union in Statesboro, and April 18th, 2024 at the Student Center on the Armstrong Campus.

Who can submit to the Student Scholarship Symposium?

Any undergraduate or graduate student enrolled at Georgia Southern University in Summer 2023, Fall 2023, or Spring 2024. We will allow recent graduates to return to campus to present their work but they must be present at the event.

What do I need to have ready before I submit an application?

You will need to submit the following information during the online process, much of which may be cut and pasted from text documents:

Required Information:

  • Project Title
  • Project Abstract (150-word limit)
  • Mode of Presentation (e.g., Poster, presentation, creative inquiry)
  • Full names and academic level of all student collaborators
  • Full names and departments of all faculty mentors
How do I submit a proposal to participate in the Student Scholarship Symposium?

Fill out the submission form linked on this website.

When are the deadlines for submissions and faculty mentor review of submissions?

Deadline for proposal submission is March 3, 2024

What types of presentations are acceptable for the Student Scholarship Symposium?

Face to Face options are available to include poster presentations, oral presentations, demonstrations, and art displays or performances. Students are allowed to select the campus where they present and may select both campuses.

Should I do a poster or Presentation?

Poster sessions consist of a collection of student projects presented concurrently in a room with projects from various disciplines. Students present their work on tri-fold boards or scientific posters and spend an hour talking to small groups who circulate throughout the room. This is a great way for students to interact personally with their audience.

Presentations may take the form of 15-minute lectures or performances, often utilizing PowerPoint technology. Students are typically paired with other presentations and the presentation set is facilitated by a moderator. 

If you are not sure whether a poster or a presentation is right for you, or if you are in a program such as the Honors College that has specific requirements, please follow up with your faculty mentor.

How do I go about buying a poster?

All students who wish to present a poster will have the ability to submit a poster for printing as they submit their registration. Posters will be reviewed for appropriateness and sent to Eagle Print shop for printing. Only one poster per submission will be provided free of charge.

Is there a dress code for the Student Scholarship Symposium?

Presenters are encouraged to be dressed in business casual attire.

When will my application be reviewed? When will I know if my proposal has been accepted for the Student Scholarship Symposium?

Proposals are reviewed as submitted. All proposals will be notified of acceptance or acceptance by March 15th, 2024.

What if I have class on the day of the Student Scholarship Symposium?

Please contact for attendance requests.

How do I volunteer to be a judge and/or viewer for the Student Scholarship Symposium?

Please contact for information regarding volunteering.

Is the Student Scholarship Symposium only for participants of the event or is it open to the whole university and/or public?

The event is open to the university and general public.

Last updated: 11/16/2023