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Visual Compliance Access

What is Visual Compliance?
  • Visual Compliance is a web based export control management tool that is useful for conducting the following export control compliance functions:
    • Restricted and denied parties screening;
    • Locating Federal Regulations on export controls;
    • Searching the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) and (United States Munitions
      List (USML); and,
    • Assisting in license determinations
    • International travel restrictions and warnings
    • Visiting Scholars

What is Restricted Party Screening?
  • The United States federal export control laws prohibit U.S. persons and groups from conducting business with any entity that is listed as a restricted, blocked or denied party.  Each government entity maintains a list of individuals and businesses that fit this criteria for their purposes.  Visual Compliance maintains an up to date compendium of  these lists allowing us to screen potential faculty, collaborators, visitors, vendors etc. in one place prior to entering into any arrangement or agreement to assure we are not doing business with any entity that is a restricted party.

How do I get a Visual Compliance log in and password?
  • The University System of Georgia maintains an unlimited site license for Visual Compliance.  You may obtain a user name and password as a faculty or staff member of Georgia Southern University.
  • Send an email to from your GS email account with the subject line: Visual Compliance Log on Request.  Include your full name, your department and your title (e.g., Associate Professor or Purchasing Agent).
  • Your user name will be your GS email address.   Your password will be emailed to you in a few days.  (You may change your password when you log in.)

Who should do it?
  • Anytime you are transferring information, data, goods or services or funds through an foreign individual, group or company or to a foreign national on U.S. soil.
  • Screening can be conducted by any GS employee with a username and password.  (See FAQ above)
  • Examples – Conduct a Restricted Party Screening Before…
    • initiating or entering into a formal or informal collaboration with a foreign national, group, business unit or institution (domestically or on foreign soil).
    • contacting or discussing plans to engage in a sponsored activity
    • Recruitment
      • considering visiting scholars – invited or solicited
      • considering international faculty for hire
      • accepting an international graduate student
    • granting a tour of labs or facilities housing biological or technical data/equipment or controlled data/equipment.
    • Travel
      • engaging in international travel or attending conferences in international venues.
      • Taking any equipment, technical data, software, source/object code, samples or supplies out of the U.S.
    • Contracting
      • signing any outgoing MTA, DUA or transfer contract
      • transferring any funds to a foreign national or business
      • contracting with a foreign or multi-national vendor, party or service provider
    • Engaging with any collaborator on export controlled research
    • Note: you should not engage in any transaction where the end use of the data/goods are not transparent.  You are responsible for the secondary use of what you send.


This tutorial was produced by the University of Colorado at Bolder.

Vendor training included with your password – eCustoms Visual Compliance Training Center

Last updated: 11/10/2020