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Face to Face (in-person) Human Subjects Research

Updated August 28, 2020: With the understanding that these instructions may change as COVID conditions and guidance changes, the IRB is now accepting applications to resume in person research. The University will start releasing the hold on research that requires in-person contact with participants beginning September 8, 2020. The IRB will begin accepting research resumption applications on August 28, 2020. Application conditions require the following requirements are met:

(Follow this link for non-human subjects field and lab research resumption instructions. Current in Contingency 1- pg 18 )

  1. Researchers are responsible for keeping up to date with current COVID safety guidance as provided by the CDC and GDPH and amending the protocol as necessary to maintain current best practice.
  2. Researchers must maintain precautions to protect research subjects based upon local research site conditions. These maps and charts lay out the key metrics for understanding the reach and severity of COVID-19 in a given area at the current time: GDPH Georgia Tracking Map by County. Johns Hopkins State, National and International Tracking maps and metrics. Researchers must immediately stop research contact if conditions change, placing participants at higher risk or if a researcher or participant is required to quarantine under GDPH guidelines.
  3. All previously approved or pending approvals that contain an in-person, face to face component must submit a COVID safety plan for approval. Visit the decision tree here to determine which safety plan form your research requires.
  4. Informed consent documents must be updated to include a risk statement about COVID and submitted for approval.
  5. Non-Georgia Southern research sites must be consulted about their safety requirements. Studies may not commence until the external entity has also given approval to conduct the activity. GS IRB approval provides minimum protections and does not override local facility, sponsor, institution or state additional requirements. External approval does not override GS IRB decisions.
  6. Researchers must receive an updated approval letter from the IRB prior to beginning in-person or face to face research components.

*Researcher must monitor the website and current site area conditions to assure appropriate measure adequately protect their subjects. Please check your My.GeorgiaSouthern alerts frequently for updated Georgia Southern messages about COVID safety and polices.

COVID Precaution ChartPrecautions compiled based upon case based phases.
COVID Safety Plan Amendment Form Decision TreeThe appropriate safety plan and amendment must be submitted and approved before any face to face research can continue. Use this tool to find and access the correct form. (NOTE – You must download and enable editing before the form links become live)
COVID ScreenerAn base screener to be used by researchers and research participants.
COVID Educational Sheet for Research ParticipantsAn educational resources to share with research participants.
CDC Cleaning and Disinfecting GuidelinesGuidelines for cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces.
CDC Printable ResourcesPrintable signs and educational materials from the Centers for Disease Control.

Last updated: 9/8/2020