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March 2015


The Research Express

March 2015

Volume 4,  Issue 3
Rogers_Becky.2014.tightwrapCongratulations Becky Rogers!

Congratulations to Becky Rogers, Research Accounting Manager, on successfully achieving the rank of Certified Financial Research Administrator (CFRA).  The CFRA exam was offered for the first time in September 2014 through the Research Administratiors Certification Council.  Becky is one of 7 to pass the inaugural examination.

Becky Rogers is a Bulloch County native and graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2006 with her BBA in Accounting.  She worked for a privately owned business as an accountant prior to starting her career with Georgia Southern University in January of 2009.  She began in the Office of Research Accounting as an Accountant and became the manager of Research Accounting in late 2011.  Becky is an active member of the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) and the Society of Research Administrators (SRA) member.

UG – What is it?superCircImplementRev_101314

Q:        I have heard about a new regulation called the “Uniform Guidance”.  How will this new regulation affect my sponsored activity

A:   Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (“Uniform Guidance” or “UG”) is found in Title 2, Part 200, of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). This regulation, which took effect December 26, 2014, impacts multiple areas pertaining to Federally funded projects.  We will be sending out, via email, questions posed by faculty and staff regarding the UG, and in response, the most current information available about these changes. We’ll start today with a question on cost sharing.

Q:        Is it true that the Federal government no longer requires cost share?

A:   It is not true that the Federal Government no longer requires cost share. It is likely that certain Federal programs will continue to require a certain percentage of cost share from the applicant in order to support the goals of the program. This type of cost share is known as mandatory cost share.

 What has changed is the Federal Government’s outlook on voluntary committed cost share.  Here’s an excerpt from the UG:

 Under Federal research proposals, voluntary committed cost sharing is not expected. It cannot be used as a factor during the merit review of applications or proposals, but may be considered if it is both in accordance with Federal awarding agency regulations and specified in a notice of funding opportunity. Criteria for considering voluntary committed cost sharing and any other program policy factors that may be used to determine who may receive a Federal award must be explicitly described in the notice of funding opportunity.

 Your takeaway from this should be that unless the notice of funding opportunity specifically identifies voluntary committed cost share as a merit criterion for scoring and selection of proposals, you are not expected to include cost share in your proposal submission. Many Federal agencies go a step further and specifically direct applicants that they should not include cost share in a proposal.

Tips and Tricks for Submitting your Proposal through Cloud Express


  1. To avoid a Document Lock – Be sure to log out of Cloud Express by clicking on the dropdown arrow next to the Username located on the green bar at the top of the page.
  2. To navigate within Cloud Express, click on the appropriate tab and panel. Using the back/forward button may skew the data that has been entered.
  3. All proposal questions must be answered for every proposal and each investigator must respond to the two proposal certification questions.
  4. Search feature: Wildcards (*) may be used; however, the results may take longer to return.
  5. After searching, remember to scroll to the bottom of the page for results.
  6. Cloud Express Tutorials are available for additional assistance.


If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your Grant Coordinator

The future of federal funding through the eyes of NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins

Locating the perfect sponsor to fund your idea is difficult at the best of times.  Dr. Francis Collins, head of the NIH, forcasted the coming trend in federal funding in his recent appearance before the House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations.  This article from the Huffington Post provides a synopsis of  Dr. Collins’ remarks.

To resubmit or not to resubmit – from a journal editor’s perspective

Should you resubmit your journal article or cut your losses?  In this article, Kirsten Bell, an associate editor for the journal Critical Public Health, provides a practical look at the editorial process and the pros and cons of resubmission.

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