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Processing and Deadlines

The Office of Research Services and Sponsored Programs (ORSSP) is responsible for submitting all proposals for grants and contracts for research and other scholarly activities to public agencies (federal, state, or local government); private, nonprofit research organizations; and industries. Its staff assists investigators in preparing and submitting all proposals.
Except for those fellowships awarded directly to individuals, principal investigators (PIs) or program directors (PDs) may not apply for or receive funding directly from sponsors without university approval.


1. PIs should contact their grant coordinator to discuss proposals under development and to provide information about the funding program.
a. PIs will work closely with their grant coordinator through the proposal preparation and submission process. PIs are responsible for ensuring that the proposal satisfies funding source requirements.
b. PIs considering contracts or involving external collaborators are urged to contact their grant coordinator early. Such proposals are often more complex and may require additional processing.
c. The grant coordinator offers assistance in preparing all necessary forms, representations, certifications, assurances, budget development, and other nontechnical data.

2. After review and approval, all proposals are submitted by the ORSSP on behalf of the Georgia Southern University Research and Service Foundation. As the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR), the Executive Director must approve all proposals before they are submitted to external funding agencies.

3. The full proposal must be routed through the electronic research administration (eRA) system by the ORSSP five (5) working days before the funding agency’s deadline for internal approvals. Failure to comply may result in the proposal being returned to the PI without ORSSP approval.

4. Five (5) days prior to the sponsor’s submission deadline:
a. The PI submits the proposal through eRA system for the approval of the GS investigators, faculty, and any personnel providing and/or committing effort to the proposed project.
b. The PI routes the proposal/summary and internal budget to the department chair and/or administrative director/Vice-President, and dean for review and approval.
c. PIs are encouraged to contact the department chair and/or dean as early as possible, particularly when proposals include release time, additional space, renovations, or other resources that must be approved by the department, college or university.
d. All project investigators must complete Financial Conflict of Interest Training (FCOI) and screening disclosure or the proposal will not be submitted.

5. Completing a proposal for a contract is typically much more complicated than a grant application. Investigators should allow the ORSSP and the grant coordinator additional time to process the administrative component.

6. The completed eRA approval routing log assures that all academic and administrative officials involved in the conduct of the proposed sponsored activity have reviewed and approved the proposal and agree to fulfill any and all commitments it sets forth. All members of the university responsible for the sponsored project must approve the proposal in the eRA system, documenting their accountability.

Last updated: 2/11/2019