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Revisions, Extensions and Other Actions

The Office of Research Accounting manages award revisions, extensions, and other actions internally which do not require a contracting change.

For any action that requires a change in contract terms (i.e. issuing of subawards, contracts and changes to terms and conditions), the Grant Coordinator in Research Services should be contacted first, prior to any actions being taken. PI’s should always communicate their intentions to the Grant Coordinator prior to contacting the funding agency, program officer, or research accountant in order to determine next steps.

The process for approving award revisions, extensions, and other actions is all sponsor driven and depends on the policies, procedures and systems of the sponsor. For any questions related to these actions, please contact:

After you have received your award, questions regarding specific activities or issues should be directed to:

Grant Coordinator

Pre-Award Concerns
Non-Financial Post-Award Concerns

-Contracts and/or amendments
-No-cost extensions
-Assist post-award in communication with sponsors for approvals on transactions

Research Accountant

Financial Post-Award Concerns

-Budget revisions (internal and external)
-Additional funding
-Subsequent or incremental funding
-Assist pre-award in obtaining documentation of modification to financials

Please check and review your emails frequently as the Grant Coordinators, Research Accountants and occasionally the funding agency will provide important and time-sensitive correspondence via email.

Last updated: 8/27/2020