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Intellectual Property

Dr. Dominique Halaby, Chair – Intellectual Property Committee

Welcome from the Georgia Southern University Intellectual Property (IP) Committee. We encourage you to visit the Intellectual Property links below for more information about committee’s work. As chair of the committee, I would like to personally thank you for taking the first step in helping to promote innovation across our institution. 

As members of the committee, we process the IP disclosures among students, faculty, staff and affiliated personnel to drive innovation and discovery across our three campuses. We also work to promote and inspire our students, faculty and staff to think differently about world challenges and use their gifts and unique perspectives to create new, innovative solutions. 

So whether you are a student or employee with a question about the disclosure process or how patents work, please reach out so we can help you navigate the process. Equally, if you are a business leader interested in partnering with our institution to license an existing university-based patent or leverage our university talents and assets to help change the world, I encourage you to reach out to us directly to express your interests.
In doing so, I think you’ll discover an exciting institution, where creativity and discovery meet southern ingenuity.

Thanks again for visiting the Georgia Southern University IP Committee and I look forward to hearing about your big idea.

Dr. Dominique Halaby

Intellectual Property Committee Members

Scott Beck, Faculty Senate Representative

Keith Belcher

Krista Brinson

Andres Carrano

Christopher Curtis

Dominique Halaby, Committee Chair

Bruxanne Hein

Patsy Kraeger

Marshall Ming

Laura Wheaton

University Intellectual Property Information and Policy

University Patents

Last updated: 10/26/2020