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Center for Business Analytics and Economic Research (CBAER)

CBAER center for business analytics and economic research

CBAER conducts applied research related to community and business development across the state of Georgia and beyond. We help communities and business leaders mitigate risks, recognize opportunities and develop strategic plans that help them discover the trends, statistics and facts that matter to their community and business. In addition to designing and conducting research projects, we excel in writing research reports and delivering results that are accessible to a wide audience. Some of CBAER’s deliverables include: Economic Impact Analyses, Demographic Analysis, Business Trend Research, Workforce Development, Feasibility Studies, Surveys, and Secondary Data Analysis.

CBAER also manages our EDA University Center.

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If you are interested in learning more about the services offered by CBAER and what our research team can do for your organization, please contact Ben McKay.

Ben McKay
Assistant Director, CBAER

Last updated: 9/18/2023