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Filters & Membranes

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Driven by rising consumer awareness regarding health and safety, as well as increasing environmental concerns regarding water and air pollution, the global nonwoven filter media market has skyrocketed to $3.7 billion. In support of our customers the Herty Center has for many years been able to produce laboratory, scale-up, and small scale short-fiber filtration media and membranes. Recently, the Center acquired a computer-controlled, meltblown cartridge line that can produce simple flat roll-goods or commercial-size cartridge filters with designer-defined depth and porosity profiles. Let the Herty Center be your test and development partner.

According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), 900 million people are in desperate need of purified drinking water. Similarly, industrial process filters, such as those used in the large scale production of oil and gas, have increasing performance requirements. Collectively, these challenges are driving the innovation of new, higher performance, nonwoven filters and membranes. Herty believes that nonwoven filtration media and specialty membranes can be part of an overall solution to delivering clean water.

Currently, there is a critical demand for nonwoven filter media to purify air in the rapidly developing healthcare industry (nursing homes, health clinics and hospitals) and in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) applications. Cabin filters in cars, food and beverage filters (tea bags, coffee filters), petroleum and semiconductor filtration media, hydrocarbon processing industries, and alternative energy sources are also enhancing the demand for nonwoven filters.

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Our new meltblowing line can produce specialty cartridge filters from a wide range of polymers. The line is available for both the development of new production processes and the small-scale production of filters for market testing.

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Our wet-laid nonwoven lines are available for the production of short test runs or long-term production runs. Our ISO-certified quality management system assures the highest quality production standards.

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Our pilot meltblowing line is flexible and able to produce continuous narrow webs or cartridges with computer controlled porosity profiles.

For more information please contact Dr. Walt Chappas.

Last updated: 3/29/2016