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Perhaps no other industry can take advantage of innovations in materials science than the transportation industry. Driven by new CAFE standards for fuel efficiency, light-weighting of the motor vehicle fleet could save 31 billion gallons of oil annually while eliminating 372 million metric tons of CO2 emissions. But the development of advanced structural and performance materials will do more than just protect the environment. With each innovation we will accrue a strengthened international competitiveness with the creation of sustainable and energy efficient manufacturing and transportation sectors.

Herty scientists are currently developing a transformational manufacturing platform that integrates the production of low-cost nanocellulose and other nanomaterials. These high-value nanomaterials will be used in the production of advanced automotive composites, a $15 billion global market. When fully commercialized these technologies will significantly reduce the weight of automobiles with a concomitant improvement in vehicle performance and fuel economy.

Herty is proud to announce the creation of the Institute for Advanced Composite Materials Innovation (IACMI). The Herty Center is one of the founding resource members of this $250 million public-private partnership dedicated to manufacturing innovation and focused on U.S. leadership in next-generation composite materials.

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Take advantage of Herty’s integrated laboratories and short-fiber nonwoven forming lines to develop that new short-fiber substrate for your composite application. We can take your process from handsheets to finished roll-goods.

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Let our Herty scientists develop, test, and scale-up an energy-efficient and renewable alternative to your current formulation. We can produce tailor-made nanocellulosics from renewable sources, blend, injection mold into coupons, and test.

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So are we! Give us a call and tell us about your interests.

Last updated: 3/29/2016