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Herty offers specialized and cost effective scale-up facilities for technology companies in all areas of energy innovation from energy pellets developed from biomass to specialty membranes for batteries and fuel cells. We invite you to collaborate with our technology development teams to accelerate your sustainable energy solutions.

With the world’s population projected to be 11.5 billion by 2050, the demand for innovative yet environmentally friendly energy solutions is of ever increasing importance. From renewable energy sources like biofuels and fuel cells to the application of innovative materials for the automotive industry’s most advanced batteries, Herty can help you build products with better performance, reliability, lower cost, improved safety and a reduced environmental footprint.

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The Herty Advanced Biomass Processing Facility is a fully integrated pilot line for manufacturing biomass-based energy pellets. Let us help you develop your process on our lab-scale demonstration unit then scale the process on our 1-ton per hour pilot line. Perhaps you would like to join the Consortium for Advanced Wood-to-Energy Solutions (CAWES)?

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The Herty Center can help with the development of new energy saving and renewable materials then help scale their commercialization in our 120,000 sq.ft., high-bay pilot and manufacturing facility.

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Our integrated laboratory, scale-up, and manufacturing operations will let you go from concept to production in record time. Bring your own ideas or partner with Herty to develop that game-changing innovation!

For more information please contact Dr. Omar Ali.

Last updated: 3/29/2016