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Specialty fibers and nonwovens offer health care and biomedical engineers options for creating some of the most important material innovations in medicine. Ranging from gowns to tissue scaffolds for rebuilding internal organs, annual worldwide sales are in excess of $12 billion. Herty offers resin vendors and new product innovators the support services needed to bring your innovation to market quickly and in a secure environment.

Nonwovens are ubiquitous in the medical and biomedical industries. From a volume perspective, disposable, single-use clothing, medical components, and devices predominate this space. This includes surgical gowns, facemasks, surgical drapes, absorbent pads, and dressings. Hospitals use filters with glass or synthetic nonwoven media to reach HEPA (99.97%) or greater challenge efficiency to protect patents with compromised immune systems as well as staff and the public from airborne pathogens.

Specialty fibers, such as high specific surface area bicomponent (“bico”) fibers can be used to create high performance protein purification media; solution and electrospun nanofibers can be used to carry pharmaceuticals; and meltblown fibers can be used to create tissue scaffolds for stem cell regeneration and growth.

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Our wet-laid production lines offer our clients flexibility and security for the development and testing of both natural and synthetic wet-laid nonwovens. With the support of our in-house testing capabilities, we can accelerate your development and testing program with a concomitant reduction in time and cost.

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Herty brings 75-years’ of experience with fluff pulp and other natural absorbents for the biomedical, medical, and personal hygiene markets to solve your product development challenges. We can produce commercial quality products in widths up to one-meter and in ton per day quantities.

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Our pilot meltblown line can produce narrow roll-goods as well as cylindrical geometries. Customers interested in cylindrical cartridges can produce purification and filtration cartridges with tailored geometric profiles for enhanced performance.

For more information regarding membranes and materials, please contact Dr. Walt Chappas.
For more information regarding biomass conversion to energy pellets, please contact Dr. Omar Ali.

Last updated: 3/29/2016