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Dr. Charles Herty and the Wright brothers were contemporaries and innovators with uncompromising drive and vision. Today, their respective innovations in fibers and aerospace are foundational elements of aerospace materials. The Herty Center continues that tradition and its 75-year commitment to supporting material innovations that accelerate the growth across Georgia and the Nation. We want to be your innovation partner.

The aerospace industry is a leader in materials innovation with performance fibers ubiquitous throughout modern airplanes and aerospace vehicles. New bi-component fibers can protect passengers from blistering summer heat and sub-zero cold while simultaneously reducing the noise level in the cabin. Carbon fibers can be produced from Georgia trees or other renewable sources, and converted into stronger and lighter structural composites. Innovative synthetic fiber can be used to produce filtration media to keep the cabin comfortable and safe for the passenger and crew. 3D fabric designs can provide light structures that are comfortable for the passenger, meet fire and safety codes, and through their light-weight design produce a concomitant improvement in the plane’s fuel efficiency.

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Herty can help develop, scale-up, and produce natural, synthetic, and glass webs for your most demanding composite applications. Our diverse pilot lines can support your spot production to long-term production needs.

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Herty researchers can help identify and develop renewable fiber alternatives in high-performance applications. This ranges from structural materials to the bio-based chemical precursors used in the manufacturing of carbon fibers.

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Navigating the “valley of death” is a common challenge to all industrial sectors. Let Herty help transition your concepts from small-scale laboratory successes to pilot and commercial production. When your demand exceeds our capacity it will be time to build your own production line!

Let us become your partner to explore the applications of innovative technical textiles.

For more information please contact Dr. Walter Chappas.

Last updated: 3/29/2016