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Wet Laid Operations and Calendering


Herty provides pilot-scale product development services for important industry segments such as pulp and paper products, and the synthetic nonwovens industries. Products based at Herty have been commercialized in a range of market segments such as building materials, transportation, and energy.

We provide a fully-integrated approach to product development, from raw materials to finished product. The scope of operations includes dispersing fiber, transferring fiber slurries, mechanically modifying fiber, forming, drying and reeling webs or mats. The quantities of materials typically used during pilot-scale development can range from 50 kilograms to 10 metric tons per day. As with all of our operations, the skill and experience of our personnel ensures that all pilot-scale development projects are performed by a capable and knowledgeable staff.

Our nonwovens pilot lines are fully instrumented with in-line dry-end basis weight, ash and moisture measurement. In some configurations, Herty can provide surface treatment (aqueous and functional coatings), in-line calendaring and multi-ply forming. Calendering options include steel-on-steel and soft-nip. Our size press and calender can also be used for finishing operations on roll stock. Herty can support the development of laminating stock, facestock and labels, release liners and other specialty papers and non-woven materials. At Herty, we work with you to optimize existing products and support the development of new grades.

For more information please contact Danny Bragg.

Nonwoven / Papermaking Lines
Equipment Make/Model Use
PM1 Herty Proprietary
– Former Type: Fourdrinier with multi-ply forming (up to 3 layers)
– Drying: Contact with IR option
– In-line size press and calender
– Grammage: 15-980 gsm
– Width: 0.84 m (33″)
Classic Fourdrinier design ideal for producing a range of paper and paper-type substrates made from natural and synthetic fibers, as well as pigments and chemical additives. Options for surface treatment and chemical addition available, including in-line calendering.
PM2 Herty Proprietary
– Former Type: Rotoformer
– Drying: High Temperature Through-Air
– Grammage: 12-650 gsm
– Width: 0.71 m (28″)
High dilution machine in combination with high temperature through-air drying is ideal for synthetic-based composites made from glass, carbon and ceramic short staple fibers. Options for multi-layer forming and off-machine calendering are available.

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Last updated: 3/29/2016