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Polymer Processing


Polymer innovation continues to expand the number of applications for these cost-effective and extraordinarily flexible materials. Herty is committed to innovation by expanding our polymer processing capabilities and meeting the product development needs of our customers.

Polymers continue to fill the requirements for today’s most demanding applications; light-weight solutions for improved energy efficiency in the transportation sector; biocompatibility for the medical industry’s life-saving implantable devices; special properties for the electronics industry’s advanced computing components and OLED devices; and specialty membranes for everything from fuel cell to RO purification.

One area of focus in polymer processing is the effect of additives on the bulk performance of polymers, especially their mechanical properties and fiber spinning potential. Herty’s greatest strength is our ability to tailor bulk and surface properties to meet customer requirements then work to scale-up these processes to produce sufficient product for end-use testing and acceptance.

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Our Advanced Chemical Processing Facility can master chemistries over a wide range of conditions, our melt spinning unit can help innovate new solutions for filtration, and our pilot facility can produce tons of product per day to accelerate the rate of new product development.

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Our team of research scientists can help you develop, test, and scale that new idea. We are currently developing environmentally-friendly nanomaterials from renewable biomass, low-cost cellulose nanocrystals, and new fiber concepts for high performance membranes.

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When you are using our labs or our high-bay scale-up facilities you are in a secure facility that will protect your anonymity. Rest assured that your innovations stay your innovations!

For more information please contact Dr. Walt Chappas.

Last updated: 3/29/2016