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Equipment List

Chemical Reactor Systems
Reactor Make/Model Use
2500-L High Pressure Reactor Herty Proprietary Reactor System Large-scale chemical digester and reaction vessel. Perfect process validation. Option for recirculation of liquors and steam explosion direct discharge.
500-L High Pressure Reactor Herty Proprietary Reactor System
(All Hastelloy® Wetted Parts)
A versatile high temperature reactor system, capable of high pressure and full vacuum conditions. Direct reactant injection and direct sampling. Used to produce nanomaterials, pulp bleaching, masterbatch preparation. Ideal for process validation and small-scale production.
25-L High Pressure Reactors Herty Proprietary Reactor Systems High pressure vertical reactor systems with the option of steam explosion direct discharge.
7-L High Pressure Reactor Parr Model 4580
(All Hastelloy® wetted parts)
A versatile reactor system that can operate up to 300°C and 20.7 MPa (3000 psi) under varied reactions environment including low pH.
5-L Bioreactor BioFlo/Celligen 115 A versatile fermentor/bioreactor used for batch, fed batch or continuous culture with process control for pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), agitation, temperature, pump feed, antifoam and foam/level.
Polymer Processing
Equipment Make/Model Use
Extruder PMI Americas Preparation of polymer masterbatches and composite testing.
Injection Molder Mini-Jector Model 55 Preparation of “dumbell” or “dogbone” shaped specimens for composite testing and analysis.
Ancillary Processing Equipment
Equipment Make/Model Use
Attrition Mill Herty Proprietary Lab scale grinding of both wet and dry samples.
Calendering  Perkins Hot-Soft Calender
– Roll Temperature: 288°C (550°F)
– Line Load: 350 kN/m (2000 pli)
– Width: 0.9 m (36”)
– Line Speed: 61 m/min (200 fpm)
Used to densify both paper and wet-laid roll stock. Imparts surface smoothness and uniformity. Can be used as a stand-alone unit operation or in-line with paper and wet-laid composite production.
Hammer Mill Schutte-Buffalo Wet and Dry Hammermills Enables wet and dry milling of biomass (wood and non-woods) to produce on-spec feedstocks.
Pulp Screening  – Somerville, Pulmac Lab Screens
– Ahlstrom F-1 Pressurized (150 tpd)
– KBC UV-100 Skid-mounted
Range of pulp screening systems for pulp cleaning and fiber separation. Can be used to segregate fibers based on fiber length and morphology.
Pulpers  – Adirondack (12-L)
– Rice Barton (13-L)
– Hydrapulper (2,400-L)
– Tornado (7,600-L)
Used to take virgin or recovered fiber sources and creating papermaking stocks of uniform consistency and properties. Can be used for both natural and synthetic fiber types.
Refining Facilities – Valley Beater and PFI Mill
– Sprout Refiners (12″ and 36″)
– Sunds JC-00 Conflo Refiner (12″)
– Beloit DD 4000 (16″)
Mechanical refining to homogenize suspensions. Used to enhance the specific surface of fibers and tailor the fiber length distribution for both sysnthetic and natural fibers.
Sieve Shaker Tyler Ro-Tap Shaker Quantifies particle size distributions between 75-1000 µm.
S-L Separation Systems – Screw press (100 gpm)
– Inclined press (100 gpm)
– Lab-scale hydraulic press units
– Lab scale centrifuges (1-L)
Enables solid-liquid separation in both batch and semi-continuous processing.
Sonicator QSonica Q500A Used to disperse chemical systems and enhance homogeneity of suspensions.
Spray Dryer Yamato GB-210 CE Used to dry a range of suspensions. Can be used in the preparation of nanocellulose powders.
Physical Testing Instrumentation
Equipment Make/Model Use
AFM Ntegra NT-MDT Determine the transverse and axial elastic modulus properties of the nanocellulose particles and also to understand the particle size and shape of lignaceous carbon black and nanocellulose.
Brightness Testers  – Micro TB-1C
– Brightmeter Micro S-5
Measures TAPPI brightness, opacity, color, and fluorescence.
Brookfield Viscosity  Brookfield DV1 Measures viscosity, yield stress and torque.
DMA TA Q800 Temperature dependent mechanical properties of the nanocellulose and carbon black reinforced composites.
DSC Perkin Elmer Jade To quantify thermal behavior and phase transition of nanocellulose, carbon black and their composites.
Fiber Analyzer OpTest FQA-360 To measure size distribution of the fine fractions greater than >75µm.
Particle Size Analyzer Zetasizer Nano ZS Enables solid-liquid separation in both batch and semi-continuous processing.
Surface Area and Porosity Analyzer Micromeritics Gemini ASAP 2020 Determination of the external and specific surface area and porosity of the carbon black samples.
Tensile Tester  Instron Measures stress-strain behavior of materials, as well as modulus of elasticity, yield strength and breaking length.
TGA Perkin Elmer STA-6000 To quantify thermal stability of nanocellulose, carbon black and their composites.
Thermal Analyzer  Perkin Elmer Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer (STA) 6000 Measures simultaneous changed in weight change and heat flow from 15 °C – 1000 °C.
X-ray Diffractometer Rigaku XtaLAB For determination of crystallinity.
Instrumentation for Chemical Analysis
Equipment Make/Model Use
CHNS/O Analyzer Perkin Elmer 2400 Series II Rapid elemental analysis of biomass samples.
Elemental Analysis  Perkin Elmer Optima 2100 DV Powerful ICP-OES system used for elemental analysis, including determination of trace metals, Cl, Br, and I.
FE-SEM JEOL JSM-7600F Material morphology visualization and structure analysis down to the nano-scale.
FT-IR Agilent Cary 630 Characterization of chemical composition and structure.
GC-MS Shimadzu GCMS-QP2010S Detailed characterization of the condensate obtained from the upstream torrefaction.
GPC Shimadzu LC-20 AD Determination of the molecular weight distribution  and polydispersity index of lignin and cellulose fractions
HPLC – Shimadzu LCMS-2020 Single Quad
– PerkinElmer ICP-HPLC-MS
Characterization of chemical composition.
ICP-MS Perkin Elmer Optima 2100 DV Determination of the content and location of silica in the lignaceous carbon fraction.
MALDI-ToF Bruker Microflex Rapid screening for molecular weight distribution.
NMR Spectrometer Bruker 400 MHz Characterization of chemical structure.
UV-VIS Spectrophotometer Shimadzu UV-2401PC For compositional analysis of the torrefied samples, cellulose and lignin fractions and characterization of the condensate.
Nonwoven / Papermaking Lines
Equipment Make/Model Use
PM1 Herty Proprietary
– Former Type: Fourdrinier with multi-ply forming (up to 3 layers)
– Drying: Contact with IR option
– In-line size press and calender
– Grammage: 15-980 gsm
– Width: 0.84 m (33″)
Classic Fourdrinier design ideal for producing a range of paper and paper-type substrates made from natural and synthetic fibers, as well as pigments and chemical additives. Options for surface treatment and chemical addition available, including in-line calendering.
PM2 Herty Proprietary
– Former Type: Rotoformer
– Drying: High Temperature Through-Air
– Grammage: 12-650 gsm
– Width: 0.71 m (28″)
High dilution machine in combination with high temperature through-air drying is ideal for synthetic-based composites made from glass, carbon and ceramic short staple fibers. Options for multi-layer forming and off-machine calendering are available.
Wet Lab Analysis Instrumentation
Equipment Make/Model Use Standard
 Bauer McNett Classifier
(4 Screens)
Model No. 203A Measures weight average length of fibers. TAPPI T-233
 Canadian Standard Freeness Tester Testing Machines Measures the drainage rate of a fiber/water slurry. TAPPI T-227
 Clark Classifier Model No. 218-1 Used to separate fibers in a suspension to measure fiber length. TAPPI T-233
 Disintegrators  – L&W Code 260
– AMC T-100
– Noram G2-3
Used to disperse pulp and synthetic materials in water.
 Fiber Length Analyzer OpTest FQA-360 and HiRes Used to measure fiber morphology (fiber length and width) and other key fiber characteristics and fiber length distribution. TAPPI T-271
 Handsheet Former Noble & Wood Sheet Machine
Series 203
A vacuum-assisted laboratory former used to produce 8″× 8″ handsheets.
 PFI Mill Mark VI Model No. 550 Used to enhance the specific surface of fibers and tailor the fiber length distribution for both synthetic and natural fibers.
 Pulmac Master Screen
(4-, 6-, or 10-cut screens)
Model No. MS-B1-115V Screening, separation, classification, or quantitation of contaminants in fiber or wood pulp. TAPPI T-274
 Shopper-Riegler Freeness Tester Model 33-29-00 Measures the drainage rate in a low-consistency fiber slurry. ISO 5267/1
 Somerville Flat Screen
(4-, 6-, or 10-cut screens)
Type – K134 A pulp screening unit used to measure shive content of pulps and in the separation of stickies and plastics from recycled fibers.  TAPPI T-275
 TAPPI Sheet Machine Adirondack Machine Used to prepare 6″ diameter TAPPI handsheets.  TAPPI T-205
 Valley Beater Tech Lab Systems Mechanical refiner used to homogenize fiber/water suspensions. Enhance the specific surface of fibers and tailors the fiber length distribution. Can be used for both synthetic and natural fibers.
Conditioned Test Lab Analysis Instrumentation
Equipment Make/Model Use Standard
Brightness Testers – Color/Touch
– Micro S-5
Measures diffuse and directional brightness, opacity, color, and fluorescence of paper and paper-like materials.
Cobb Test Apparatus Gurley Precision Instruments Measures water absorbency of sized paper. TAPPI  T-441
Crush Tester L&W Model 248 Measures the rigid beam crush strength of paperboard. TAPPI T-882
Elmendorf Tear Tester Thwing-Albert Model 2600 Measures tear resistance of paper. TAPPI T-414
Gurley Oil Tester Model A39987 Measures the inbibition of oil in paper and nonwovens and the total porosity of these materials.
Hagerty Paper Smoothness Tester Technidyne Measures air leakage flow rate as an indirect measurement of surface roughness. TAPPI T-538
Hercules Size Tester Model KA Measures degree of sizing in paper and nonwovens. Used to assess water hold-out. TAPPI T-530
Medium Fluter Model JKB Generates flutes for crush testing.
Micrometer – L&W: 7.3 psi / 0.63 in2
– L&W: 25 psi / 0.25 in2
Measures thickness of paper, sheets, and nonwovens.
MIT Fold tester Testing Machinery Inc. (TMI) Measures the folding endurance of paper and nonwovens. TAPPI T-511
Mullen Testers Model C and Model J Used to measure burst and internal bond strength of paper and paperboard as described in . ASTM D774
TAPPI T-403, T-807 and T-810
Precision Cutters L&W Used to prepare 15 mm, 25 mm, and 1/2 inch wide test strips.
Scott Bond tester Huygen Model B Measures  energy required to rapidly delaminate paper and paperboard. TAPPI T-569
Short Span Compression Tester L&W Compressive
Strength Tester STFI
Measures the compressive strength of linerboard and fluting. TAPPI T-826
Smoothness Tester Technidyne PROFILE/Plus™ Roughness & Porosity Measures porosity and smoothness of paper, sheets, and nonwovens.
Taber Stiffness Tester Taber Industries Model 150-D Measures the stiffness of paper, paperboard, sheets and nonwovens. TAPPI T-489
Tensile Testers Instron Measures stress-strain behavior of materials, including modulus of elasticity, breaking length and stretch. Can be used in either tensile or compression mode. The Finch wet strength device is available to determine the wet tensile strength of a sample. TAPPI T-456
ISO 3781
Z-Directional Tensile Dek-Tron Model 163D Measures internal bond strength of paperboard and nonwovens. TAPPI T-541
Zero Span Wet & Dry Tester Pulmac TS-100 Measures the fiber strength in a sheet of paper. TAPPI T-231
Analytical Test Lab Analysis Instrumentation
Equipment Make/Model Use Standard
Brookfield Viscometer Brookfield Model RVT Measures low-shear viscosity, yield stress and torque in liquid samples, mixtures and emulsions.
CED Capillary Viscosity PSL-Rheotek RPV-1 Measures the viscosity of 0.5% cellulose solutions using 0.5M cupriethylenediamine solution. TAPPI T-230
Soxhlet Extractors Herty Proprietary Measures the amount of solvent-soluble, non-volatile material in wood, pulp, polymers and other materials.
Zeta Potential Mutek Measures the amount of solvent-soluble, non-volatile material in wood, pulp, polymers and other materials.

Last updated: 3/22/2016