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Mechanical Pretreatment of Feedstocks


At Herty, we have a range of unique pilot-scale equipment that can be used to mechanically pre-treat fibers. Herty has expertise and capabilities for feedstock drying, size-reduction and fiberizing that can produce on-spec feedstocks with targeted moisture content, surface area, particle size and other key physical properties.

For pulping and fiberizing, Herty’s high-shear pulping equipment can be used to process difficult feedstocks such as cotton, hemp, flax, leather and synthetic fibers. Our high-shear pulper has a 2,000 gallon (7,571 liter) batch capacity and its rugged design is ideal for recovering valuable fibrous materials from products considered impossible to defiber such as electrical insulation papers, gasket stock, map paper, shoeboard, flooring base, and wet-strength papers. By recovering fiber, waste is reduced thus reducing disposal costs. Fiber recovered at Herty can be baled and shipped or used in conjunction with Herty’s refiners and papermachines to develop finished rolls for customer evaluations.

Herty is internationally-recognized as a leader in pulping process technology and in the chemical hydrolysis of biomass. During our over 75-year history, Herty scientists and engineers have gained experience in the chemical pulping of virtually all fibrous materials and use this experience to support our clients and development partners achieve their goals.

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Ancillary Processing Equipment
Reactor Make/Model Use
Refining Facilities – Valley Beater and PFI Mill
– Sprout Refiners (12″ and 36″)
– Sunds JC-00 Conflo Refiner (12″)
– Beloit DD 4000 (16″)
Mechanical refining to homogenize suspensions. Used to enhance the specific surface of fibers and tailor the fiber length distribution for both sysnthetic and natural fibers.

Complete Equipment List

Last updated: 3/29/2016