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Chemical Processing


Herty is committed to innovation and technology transfer by continually expanding our chemical processing capabilities and meeting the laboratory and scale-up demands of our customers.

The Herty Center’s chemical processing area includes a reactor suite comprising several pressurized reactors (PARR, CSTR, ROTATING, BATCH) of varying sizes, configurations and pressure ratings. Developmental work can be staged via small scale scoping studies and extended through pilot scale demonstration and production trials. The reactors can be used alone or in combination with other unit operations to test and develop process schemes. We will work with you to conduct online testing and analysis, or obtain samples for subsequent analysis in our laboratories. If you are in the chemical process, bio-based, or pulp & paper industries or sectors requiring process development work involving pressurized reactors and associated process equipment at the laboratory or pilot scale, contact us to work with you to develop and/or execute your project and program needs.

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Let Herty’s scientists and engineers consult with you on process design, work with you to screen design options, and validate your final design. Our 120,000 sq.ft. pilot facility is ideally suited to process development work and the validation of new ideas. We routinely reconfigure and repurpose process areas to meet customer demands. Partner with us and accelerate your development program!

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Enhancing an existing process is a proven approach to improving product quality and performance, and lowering manufacturing costs. Herty is ideally suited for evaluating process changes and quantifying the impact of chemical additives and materials substitution for a range of product types. Let us see how we can help you lower your cost of production!

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Innovation; transformation; disruption. We hear a lot about what it takes to win in today’s market place but a simple fact remains: successful businesses find ways to consistently provide products and services that are valued by customers. Successful businesses understand that innovation is an essential ingredient to long-term profitability. They also recognize that new product development, while risky, is the most important endeavor of the modern corporation. Let Herty’s experienced staff of product developers work with you to validate your product concepts. From proof-of-concept to commercial product, Herty is with you every step of the way!

For more information please contact Dr. Omar Ali.

Chemical Reactor Systems
Reactor Make/Model Use
500-L High Pressure Reactor Herty Proprietary Reactor System
(All Hastelloy® Wetted Parts)
A versatile high temperature reactor system, capable of high pressure and full vacuum conditions. Direct reactant injection and direct sampling. Used to produce nanomaterials, pulp bleaching, masterbatch preparation. Ideal for process validation and small-scale production.
7-L High Pressure Reactor Parr Model 4580
(All Hastelloy® wetted parts)
A versatile reactor system that can operate up to 300°C and 20.7 MPa (3000 psi) under varied reactions environment including low pH.

Complete Equipment List

Last updated: 8/8/2016