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Who Do I Contact?

What do you need to do?Who should you contact?
Request a project no-cost extension Grant Coordinator
Initiate a subaward or subcontractGrant Coordinator
Initiate a contract and/or contract amendmentGrant Coordinator
Submit a project renewal proposalGrant Coordinator
Obtain Financial reporting informationGSURSF
Determine approval pathway for budget revisionGrant Coordinator
Undertake re-budgeting revision & approvalGrant Coordinator
Update accounts with approved budget revisionsResearch Accountant
Questions about expenditures/invoices/balancesResearch Accountant
Cost share trackingResearch Accountant
Manage additional, new fundingResearch Accountant
Manage subsequent or incremental funding (granted as part of original award amount)Research Accountant
Award closeoutResearch Accountant

Last updated: 4/27/2021