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After the agency issues a notice of award to Georgia Southern University Research and Service Foundation, Inc., the University is responsible for initiating subaward agreement(s) with the proposed subrecipient(s). Grant Coordinators complete this process, which includes vetting subrecipient eligibility. During this phase, a risk assessment of the subrecipient’s compliance process and eligibility to receive federal funds is performed as required by 2 CFR §200.331.

Many Sponsors require prior approval to include a new subrecipient that was not identified and budgeted at the time of proposal.   In this case, the PI must submit a letter of request to Research Services requesting an “after-the-fact” approval to establish a new Subaward.  The “after-the-fact” approval from the sponsor must be received (email or letter documentation) prior to establishment of a subaward.

While Grant Coordinators will complete this process, it can be time-consuming.  The links below outline the process in an effort to transparently share information with PIs; however, PIs are NOT asked to engage in this stage of subaward setup unless information/review/approval is specifically requested from the Grant Coordinator.

Administrative Information

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Implications

Issuance of Subaward

Last updated: 4/27/2021