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Proposal Development FAQ

I have an idea for a funded project. How should I proceed?

Discuss your idea with colleagues to gain additional insight into your concept and identify potential collaborators who can contribute valuable expertise. You also may contact Research Services about your proposal early in the process. Your grant coordinator can help locate funding sources and assist you with the proposal development process.

I am applying for a grant and the application forms asks for the signature of my “Department Chairperson, or other University official.” Who should I get to sign?

If grant funds are to be deposited in a University Account or if the University is required to make any commitment of funds, facilities or personnel-time, the application must be signed by the official University signatory authority and must be submitted through Research Services.

I am required to submit eight copies of my proposal. Who makes these copies?

Research Services will make the necessary copies, plus any others required for campus distribution. Letting your grant coordinator make the copies will help assure that all changes and corrections which may be made prior to submission are included in the copies sent to the granting agency.

How do I know whether a grant application should be submitted through the ORSSP, the GS Foundation, or just directly to the funding agency?

The application should be submitted by whichever body will receive and administer the grant funds. If funds will go into any University Account or if the proposed project will make use of any University facilities beyond your office or entail any commitment or expenditure of funds by the University, the application must be submitted through Research Services. If there are any personnel costs aside from payments made directly to you, as in the case of most fellowships or consulting positions, then the application must be submitted by Research Services. If you are not sure of how your application should be submitted, contact your grant coordinator.

Last updated: 4/27/2021