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Limited Submission

A Limited Submission is a funding program for which the sponsor has restricted the number of applications or proposals an institution can submit in response to that program. 

The principal investigator is responsible for notifying Research Services as soon as possible if a proposal is being developed for any program that limits the number of submissions from the institution.

The submission of more proposals than allowed may result in a disqualification of all proposals, so limited submissions are coordinated through Research Services.  Generally, all campuses are considered a single institution by sponsors (e.g. NSF) unless alternate limitations (“by school,” “by department”) clearly apply.  However, some sponsors may consider branch campuses as separate, by definition.  It is best to consult early with your Grant Coordinator to make a determination.

Standard Limited Submission Procedure

It is critical that the PI review the limited submission procedure decision tree PRIOR to completing a limited submission packet for internal review.

Internal Limited Submission Competition Procedure

If it has been determined that institutional interest will exceed the sponsor cap, then the principal investigator should complete all Limited Submission Competition Materials (below) and submit the information to the Director of Research Services per the internally set deadline (at least 2 months prior to the sponsor deadline).  A cross-institutional committee (e.g. Research Associate Deans) will be convened by Research Services to determine which proposal(s) will be approved for submission to the sponsor; the committee will be chaired by a representative from the Office of Research (or a designee). All applicants will be informed by the Director of Research Services of the committee’s decision as expeditiously as possible and successful applicants should develop full proposals for submission utilizing normal procedures.

Previously authorized applicants are not automatically authorized to resubmit if an award was not secured from a past submission. Non-awarded PIs must go through the internal review and selection process as if it were a new submission. Within the 2-page preproposal outline, potential resubmissions should summarize reviewers’ concerns and how those concerns would be addressed in a resubmitted proposal.

Internal Limited Submission Competition Materials (Note page limitations)

Email materials to the Research Services Director as a single pdf document by the internal deadline.

  • Limited Submission Coversheet
  • Brief nomination Letter from Department Chair or equivalent – maximum 1 page
  • Brief pre-proposal outlining proposed research program – maximum 2 pages
  • NSF-formatted biosketch for the PI – maximum 2 pages
  • Resources/facilities statement, including any anticipated internal commitments (e.g. staff, facilities, cost share) – maximum 1 page
  • A copy of prior reviews in the case of a proposal resubmission

Last updated: 4/27/2021