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Research Publication Assistance Program

The Research Publication Assistance Fund provides support for costs relating to accepted faculty publications for refereed journals/publishers. The Research Publication Assistance Fund accepts requests between July 1 and May 1 of each fiscal year or until the fund is fully expended.


    • Eligibility is open to the Corps of Instruction, as defined by the Board of Regents:
      • Full-time professors, associate professors, assistant professors, instructors, lecturers and teaching personnel with such other titles as may be approved by the Board, shall be the Corps of Instruction. Full-time research and extension personnel and duly certified librarians will be included in the Corps of Instruction on the basis of comparable training.
      • Persons holding adjunct appointments or other honorary titles shall not be considered to be members of the faculty. (Board of Regents Policy Manual
      • Visiting researchers/faculty, part-time, temporary appointments, are not eligible to apply to this fund.
      • Co-authors from collaborating institutions are not eligible to apply. Co-authoring institutions will be expected to share in publication costs.
    • A faculty may request a maximum of $500 per fiscal year
    • A faculty may submit a Publication Fund Request one time per fiscal year as an author or co-author (Note: publication fund requests will be rejected if any author on the article has received funding within the fiscal year.)
    • Support is limited to peer-reviewed publications. Departmental Chair signature is required.
    • Funds are distributed for approved applications on a first come/first serve basis until the fund balance is expended for the fiscal year.
    • Charges accrued in the current fiscal year may not be transferred to the next year for reimbursement.
    • Student only authored articles are not eligible for this funding. Faculty authors with student co-authors are eligible to apply as a faculty author.

Payment Restrictions:

    • Publication must have a corporate/non-profit business account. No payment can be directed to an individual.
    • Wire transfers will not be made to foreign entities.
    • Credit card payments are no longer available for this type of expenditure under state purchasing guidelines.
    • Where publication costs exceed $500, split funding may be accommodated.
    • Applicant must supply source for gap funding as part of the request.  Publication fund requests may be approved but payment will not be will not be processed without a speed-chart and/or personal payment receipt for the remaining balances.

Eligible Charges

    • Required page charges (for journal space only – pre-publication services and/or voluntary page charges are not supported by this fund.)
    • Page fees associated with peer reviewed book chapters that are comparable to Journal page fees
      • pre-publication services are not eligible;
      • total book manuscript fees will be eligible only if contracts do not contain significant IP potential.
    • Reprints/Off-prints/pdf rights
    • Image publication surcharges or copyright fees
    • Application fees (reimbursement only for accepted publication or juried competition. Provide documentation of fee requirement.)
    • Shipping (and where required shipping insurance) charges to transport original artwork for Juried competition.  (Travel expenses for the artist will not be considered as an eligible expense.)

Ineligible Charges

    • Prepublication services (E.g., indexing, typesetting, formatting or translation)
    • Manuscript editing

Submission Package – Current form required

      • When submitting a request please include:
    • Publication Fund Request Form,
    • Copy of article or chapter submitted for publication
    • Original invoice from publisher, and
    • Documentation of Publication Acceptance

Pub Fund Form (Do not save this form to your desktop. Use of the current form will be required for funding.)

Send all required forms/documents to the Office of Research at Additional supporting documentation may be requested. Incomplete applications will be returned without reimbursement.

Last updated: 12/5/2022