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Find Funding

Research Services provides a variety of tools and resources to help Georgia Southern University’s research community find the right funding source for research, creative and other scholarly activities.

Grant Forward

Research Services recommends researchers create a profile and set alerts and parameters using the Grant Forward service, which can be accessed directly from a campus computer or from an off-campus computer by first setting up an account. Users who create an account using their Georgia Southern email account have the ability to browse grant opportunities from home without having to log-in to the GS account.

Learn how to search for grants at GrantForward, finding opportunities for  your research, using the keyword search, the many available filters, and setting your saved searches/alerts using the Grant Forward Tutorial for Researchers.

Grant Forward features enhanced search and user account interfaces, provides a FAQ for new users, and transition guide for former IRIS users to help answer questions about the service.

PIVOT Proquest Funding Discovery 

To keep pace with growing and evolving research fields, Pivot’s expert editors continuously update an authoritative list of keywords that are carefully matched to each Pivot funding opportunity. Enter search terms above or browse the interactive chart by keyword to explore the latest funding opportunities and research trends.

Funding Opportunity Spreadsheet

Please feel free to download for your information and use. If you have funding opportunity links you would like to add and share, please contact our office.



Crowdfunding or crowd-sourcing describes the practice of funding a project or venture by raising many small donations of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. It can be used to fundraise for a wide variety of projects initiated by faculty, staff, students, and groups on campus at Georgia Southern University.

Background Information

In recent years researchers, faculty and staff at U.S. colleges and universities have been using crowdfunding as a resource for funding research and other projects. Georgia Southern University (GS) has cultivated relationships with specific crowdfunding websites to support these crowdfunding efforts. These sites provided an outlet for projects that weren’t allotted significant department resources to bridge a funding gap, with fundraising goals typically between $3,000 and $25,000. The university has selected for funding research and other projects in the sciences.

The use of third-party crowdfunding platforms to raise money to support faculty and student research and other projects is becoming increasingly widespread. In response to this trend, GS has developed procedures to guide projects seeking to use research funds raised through crowdfunding mechanisms.


The use of crowdfunding or crowd-sourcing as described  and the accompanying procedures is subject to all University rules, policies, compliance regulations, and state and federal law and applies to all employees, affiliate staff, students and other individuals. The purpose is to maintain control over the use of University resources in crowdfunding/crowd-sourcing efforts, to track the level of campus crowdfunding, and to assess the impact of such activity at the University.

Last updated: 4/27/2021