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Account Set Up and Budgets

Research Services negotiates sponsored agreements with sponsors on behalf of the University and the Georgia Southern University Research and Service Foundation (GSURSF).

Without a tangible notice of award, an account cannot be established.

If an award is made for a different amount than the proposed budget, a revised budget for the new amount is required and should be forwarded to Research Services to avoid any delay in establishing a project account. In addition, investigators are advised not to obligate funds related to project activities until the award approval process has been completed.

If payment, award notice or contract is received on a project for which no records or proposals exist, then that payment cannot be receipted, nor an account established, until the proposal is correctly processed for academic and administrative review. Therefore, it is to the principal investigator’s advantage to always immediately involve Research Services in any potential proposal that may take place with a potential sponsor.

When agreements are finalized, Research Services prepares an award notice and sends the complete award file to Research Accounting (RA) and the GSURSF to establish a grant account.

RA assigns a new grant account and enters all information pertinent to the award in the University PeopleSoft System. When the account has been established, RA invites the PI to meet with themselves and the grant coordinator to discuss the specifics and requirements of the award. The RA will send the Principal Investigator (PI) and departmental administrator a copy of the award documents.

Contact your Research Accountant for questions concerning account setup.

Last updated: 4/27/2021