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New GS President talks about new job

From the WJCL Website:

STATESBORO, GA. (WJCL) Georgia Southern University has welcomed it’s 13th President and he’s ready to be off and running.

Dr. Jaimie Hebert  has only been on the job officially since Friday, But  he welcomes the challenge of leading Eagle Nation.

“What a spectacular place this is,” said Dr. Hebert. “What a very special place we have here at Georgia Southern.”

It’s hard for Dr. Jaimie Hebert to hide his excitement about being the 13th President of Georgia Southern University.

Although, his first day on the job was July 1, he’s been in Statesboro since late May, and he has definite thoughts about continuing the success of the university.

“i think our university can be a catalyst in economic development for Southeast Georgia as well,” said Dr. Hebert. “I don’t think, we’ve been used to our potential in that regard.”

Dr. Hebert says there are many great things about this university but he says the thing that sticks out the most are its people.

“There’s no doubt about it, I’m a people person,” explained Dr. Hebert. “I enjoy visiting with people, I enjoy getting to know people on a very deep level, but the type of people, not only at Georgia Southern but in the Statesboro and surrounding counties.”

Dr. Hebert hopes to remain at Georgia Southern a long time, but he has already thought about the legacy he will leave.

“i would hope people would say something along the lines of isn’t it amazing the economic impact that Georgia Southern has had on Southeast Georgia,” added Dr. Hebert. “Isn’t amazing how this university has grown, not only in size but breadth and yet with all of those things happening we were able to maintain the small feel of the institution.”


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