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National science students study bio fuels at Georgia Southern


University students from across the country have spent much of the summer at Georgia Southern University, in a nationally recognized laboratory.

They’ve been studying biofuels in the Renewable Energy and Engine Lab under Dr. Valentin Soloiu.

“We are a hands on program,” Dr. Soloiu explained. “As opposed to other universities that mainly teach the fundamentals. Our laboratory and our mechanical engineering have brought in about $1 million in grant funding.”

“It’s much different than at UM,” noted Stephanie Cheng, a student at University of Miami. “He has equipment here that undergraduates can use and do research and be involved and hands on.”

Soloiu’s current projects include test biofuel engines for UAV ( unmanned aerial vehicle)’s. The lab also has its own biofuels race car, which students have used to compete against other universities around the country.

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