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CBAER Partners with the City of Metter

The Center for Business Analytics and Economic Research has entered into an agreement with the City of Metter to study the feasibility of developing a commercial kitchen incubator. This analysis is a follow-up to the Metter Incubator Feasibility Study completed in 2019 which led to the development of the Metter Georgia Grown Incubator that opened in 2020. The current incubator in Metter is working to aid the development and growth of the number of agriculture-related businesses in the community by assisting entrepreneurs, startups, and existing businesses to grow their operations and expand into new markets.

One way a public entity can help grow these kinds of businesses is by helping add value to their raw materials and agricultural products. For some businesses, having access to a commercial kitchen/kitchen incubator would give them the possibility to experiment with different product combinations as well as accommodate small production runs for market testing. Our study is the first step in this development process. The research team at CBAER will analyze the regional demand for these services and will develop an estimate for the standard cost to operate this type of facility. Using this analysis and other data, CBAER will provide the client with information that can be used to estimate whether this project could be feasible to develop and operate.


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